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Buffalo Chicken Meatballs with Brie Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs with Brie Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce

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Total Time: 30 Min

Makes: 6

I love to cook and the first thing I think of when I am watching sports is Chicken Wings. This is a recipe that is easy to make ahead of time and I can serve it to friends at home or take it to the tailgate. Enjoy!


  1. 1In a large bowl combine the chicken, breadcrumbs, egg, KC Masterpiece Buffalo Marinade, salt and pepper, and 2 oz of the Blue Cheese. Form the mixture into small balls about 1" in diameter. Refridgerate for 10 min.
  2. 2In a sauce pan on Medium-High Heat melt the butter and mix in the flour to make a roux. Let flour and butter cook for 30 seconds and add cream. Add the rest of the Blue Cheese and Brie. Lower the heat to medium and cook untill the cheese has melted. Season with Salt and Pepper and Nutmeg. Set aside and keep warm.
  3. 3In a large skillet on medium-high heat cover the bottom of the pan with canola oil. Once the oil is hot add the chicken meatballs and brown on all sides. It will take 5-10 minutes to cook the meatballs all the way through. Once cooked put on a serving platter with the cheese sauce on the side. Have toothpicks ready and your guests will be able to enjoy!
  4. 4Hint: If you are taking this dish somewhere, once cooked you could combine the meatballs and the cheese sauce in a crockpot and transport to wherever you are going.

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