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Beer Brats
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Total Time: 30-45min

Makes: 8

this is a great way to enhance brats at a BBQ, keeps them moist and flavorful. The recipe can be adjusted to the number of people served.


  1. 1Heat grill to desired temp. Pour both bottle of Blue Moon Beer into a deep foil pan approx 9×9 size. Add sliced onion and let it simmer on top of grill.
  2. 2Cook Brats on top of grill until done. When cooked put them into foil pan with Blue Moon Beer and onions to simmer. Can simmer as long as you like , but should be at least 15 minutes..
  3. 3Take one from foil pan serve on bun with onions and any other condiments desired. ( I like my just with onions). Great for parties, or tailgates. And once you eat a brat cooked like this it is hard to go back to just grilled.

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