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Blue Moon Sauerbraten
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Total Time: 3 to 4 days total

Makes: 6

A co-worker clued me in that red wine isn’t necessarily the best ingredient for sauerbraten. He didn’t give me his Mom’s exact recipe, but I figured it out anyway, and it’s a total winner! Can’t always wait til October for this one.


  1. 13 days before serving, marinade beef in all ingredients listed before it on above list. On the third day (you can go an extra day or two if desired) remove meat from marinade while reserving liquid.
  2. 2Brown meat, adding celery at the end to also brown a bit.
  3. 3Add marinade liquid back into pot, along with sugar and tomato.
  4. 4Simmer 4 hours (stove top or oven).
  5. 5When done, remove meat and stain liquid, bring to a boil and and add 1 cup of gingersnaps. Simmer 10 minutes to thicken.
  6. 6Serve with sour cream or yogurt. I also always provide sides of potato pancakes, homemade red cabbage and more Blue Moon for the perfect fall feast!

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