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Makes: around 5 portions as side dish and many tacos!

This recipe is family classic in México, it’s very versatile, as it can be a side dish, a main dish, or used as taco filling, can be made with pork meat or strictly vegetarian.
Its ingredients vary from region to region in Mexico, MEZQUITE’s version is from central Mexico and it’s 100% authentic and vegetarian-friendly.
I guess it could be a distant cousin of the French Ratatouille.. here it is:


  1. 1Chop the onion, not too finely, and sautee in the oil for 3 minutes
  2. 2Add the white corn kernels, and continue to sauteè for a few minutes more
  3. 3When the onion starts to become transparent add the tomato and the poblano strips and cook together for about 5 minutes
  4. 4add half a cup of vegetable stock and half teaspoon salt; cook for 3 minutes
  5. 5Finally add the sliced zucchine and the rest of the vegetable stock
  6. 6Cook on medium flame uncovered until the zucchine are tender and a little bit of the liquid has evaporated. Be careful not to overcook the zucchine, taste and add salt to taste.
  7. 7Note: I like my calabacitas quite thick, in this case I use 1 cup of vegetable stock total, and cook on high flame for the last couple of minutes so more liquid evaporates.

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