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Czech Benedict
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Total Time: 10 minutes maximum

Makes: 1 serving

First off, this is a leftover creation. If you don’t have pulled pork or smoked brisket leftovers, this will be a great deal of trouble for you. It’s damn good, but it’s the result of leftover beer & BBQ that normally takes at least 8 hours to make. So, let’s just say you got the BBQ ready. Also, let me explain what a Kolache is. I always assume everyone knows what a Kolache is cause I grew up with them. It’s pretty much the same as Brioche bread, a sweet Czech yeast roll. That King Hawaiian bread would do nicely as well.


  1. 1In a skillet/large saute/flattop (medium-high heat), add clarified butter, then the kolache bread (1-pc.). Toast on both sides. Don’t be frugal with the butter, that richness is important. Next heat up the BBQ (I prefer the pork shoulder over the brisket). Then fry an egg, sprinkling about 2 tsp. of the herb mix on the egg as it cooks. Do this before the egg is done. You wanna cook that herb flavor into the egg to a soft medium on the yolk. There’s no sauce, just the runny yolk and the herb flavor. Season with salt & pepper. So, on the plate: toast then BBQ then egg.
    That’s it!

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