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Tandori Tuna
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Total Time: 2 hours and 10 minutes

Active Time:

Makes: 4-8 servings

I recently made this dish after finding an unused jar of Tandori paste in my cupboard. It took 10 minutes ( – the marinating time) and was delicious.


  1. 1In a small bowl whisk all the ingredients, except the Tuna, until evenly incorporated
  2. 2Put the Tuna steaks in a ziplock bag just large enough to hold them
  3. 3Pour in the marinade and place in the fridge for 2 to 6 hours
  4. 4Heat a cast iron skillet over high heat on an outside grill or burner until it is too hot to hold your hand over for 2 seconds, if you have a hood and fan you can make it inside, but be prepared for a lot of smoke
  5. 5Pour the cold canola oil into the pan and swirl to coat.
  6. 6Add the Tuna Steaks placing them down away from your body
  7. 7Sear for two minutes on the first side, flip and sear for one minute on the second
  8. 8For a sauce pour the remaining marinade into the empty pan off the heat and immediatley drizzle over the Tuna Steaks
  1. 1Slice across the grain of the meat and serve over rice or soba noodles with steamed or sauteed vegetables
  2. 2Garnish with chives or chopped cilantro if desired

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