Horseradish-Cream Sauce

Horseradish-Cream Sauce

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    Difficulty: Easy
    Total Time: 5 mins
    Makes: 2 cups
    Horseradish-Cream Sauce
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    This sauce is usually served with a big, juicy steak for good reason: The pairing is magical. But that doesn’t mean it’s not delicious in other applications. Try it on a baked potato, as a sauce for shrimp, drizzled over roasted asparagus, or as a substitute for mayonnaise.

    This recipe was featured as part of our Meaty, Boozy Father’s Day Menu.


    Place heavy cream in a medium bowl and whisk until the cream starts to hold a line when you drag the whisk through it. Using a rubber spatula, fold in crème fraîche or sour cream, horseradish, chives, and salt. Season with pepper and additional salt as desired. Serve with Grilled Prime Rib or smear on a roast beef sandwich.
    • Horseradish-Cream Sauce
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