Osso Bucco Rose Veal shank Recipe

Difficulty: Easy | Total Time: 3-4 hours cook time depending on amount in pan. | Makes: Usually 1 piece of shank per person. Add required amount of veggies depending on number of people.

Never tried Osso Bucco before? AKA king of the slow cook dishes! Why wait, when we first started selling Rose Veal we noticed the shank was selling quite well. We weren’t sure why because we had never had Osso Bucco before. It is a dish that you just have to try, at least once. Typicially prepared as a pot roast/stew style dish it is sure to delight the taste buds of everyone in the family. It is the marrow in the shank that gives Osso Bucco it’s unique flavor.

  • As many shank pieces as required, usually cut about 1 inch thick.
  • Veggies, seasonings, spice,red wine, marinade and or bbq sauce.
  1. Brush thawed Rose Veal shank pieces with bbq sauce or marinade. Place Rose Veal shank pieces in roasting pan. Season to preferance. Preheat oven to 275 degrees F.
  2. Add red wine and/or water to pan. Cut veggies fairly small and cover shank pieces.Use veggies of choice- mushrooms, carrots, potatoes, sweet red peppers, onion, celery. Season again.
  3. Cover and place in oven. Cook about 3-4 hours @ 275 degrees F. Stir a bit every hour if possible. When the Rose Veal meat falls apart, it is done.

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