Oshizushi/Pressed Sushi: Salmon Marinated in Seaweed/Shake Sushi Konbushime Recipe

Difficulty: Medium | Total Time: 30~60 minutes | Active Time: | Makes: 1~4 servings

How to make oshizushi/pressed sushi, the Japanese way!

  • Rice, rice vinegar, Sugar, salt
  • Black thick seaweed, light colourd thin seaweed
  1. For sushi rice preparation, check HERE
  2. Two types of konbu/seaweed are used:
    -Dark/black thick Konbu/Seaweed is bought dry and has to be softened in lukewarm water for a while. That particular step is very easy to learn.
    Keep in mind it is edible, although after marination, it should be discarded.
    -Thin, light coloured (almost transparent) is used as an ingredient both for taste and the finishing touch. If not available, you may replace it with fine green leaves.
    It is called “Kagome Konbu/かごめ昆布”.
    An even better light seaweed is called “Take Kawa Konbu/竹皮昆布/Bamboo Skin Seaweed” and is widely used by professionals.
    Both light coloured seaweeds have to be softened in lukewarm water, sponged off and spread into thin sheets first. But it is really worth the work!
  3. After having softened the dark konbu, spread it over a clean working table and place the fresh (fresh, please!) salmon slices over one sheet and covering the lot with another sheet.
    Wrap it in cellophane paper and leave it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.
  4. During that time soften light seaweed in lukewarm water and spread it over a clean cloth.
  5. Line the bottom of the oshibako/sushi press box with one layer of salmon (no dark seaweed!). Spread light seaweed over the salmon and spread a first layer sushi rice.
  6. Repeat the same operation once more and press.
  7. Unloose the sushi out of its box.
    The fish should be on top.
    Grill the top of the fish lightly with a hand burner just enough to change the colour.
    That step will enable to savour two different tastes at the same time!
  8. Place very thin slices of lemon (clean organic, please!) on top of the rice.
    It will abate the “fishy smell/taste”.
  9. Lay another layer of fine light seaweed over the top.
    Cut and serve!

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