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Kale Dolmas
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Total Time: 45 minutes

Active Time:

Makes: 12 approx

I had the ground beef. I had the kale. I didn’t have the grapeleaves. I hacked and it came out perfectly. These are Lebanese style dolmas.

PROPORTIONS ARE FLEXIBLE. You can up the meat to rice ratio, decrease the amount of mint etc.


  1. 1Mix the rice and meat in a bowl together by hand. Sprinkle mint and blend in. Optionally grind pepper into the mixture.
  2. 2De-bone the kale leaves; even if the leaves are small it will work better.
  3. 3Make short rolls of the mixture, about 1" diameter and place on the end of a leaf or for small leaves, you can overlap them. Roll the leaf up. It will be open on the ends.
  4. 4Place in a saucepan with the end of the leaf down (so the roll doesn’t unravel). Repeat and place all the rolls closely together.
  5. 5IMPORTANT: Put a plate or something heavy in the pot to weigh the rolls down so they don’t float up during cooking. Fill with water so rolls are covered and water is again above (as it will get absorbed into rice and you want more water left). SQUEEZE one of the lemons into the water.
  6. 6Cover and bring to a boil then reduce to simmer. Cook until rice appears to be done, about 45 min (or less if using white rice). YOu can always try a rice kernal. The meat will for sure be done by the time the rice is done.
  7. 7Use tongs to take rolls out. Squeeze more lemon juice and grind pepper on the rolls then enjoy!

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