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Makes: 1 drink

This spicy beer cocktail will give you the strength to execute the high-flying moves and pile drives of the greatest luchadores (Mexican wrestlers), or at least the strength to watch them on TV.

What to buy: Clamato is a spicy tomato drink spiked with clam juice. Look for it in the juice aisle of the grocery store or in Latin markets.

Game plan: Keep a beer mug nice and frosty in your freezer for when you get the urge for an ice-cold Luchador.

This recipe was featured as part of both our Cinco de Mayo cocktail menu and our Tailgating Recipes photo gallery.


  1. 1Pour beer into a frozen pint glass.
  2. 2Combine remaining ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled halfway with ice. Shake vigorously, strain over beer, stir, and serve.
  • Luchador
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