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Chocolate Raspberry Almond Sundae
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Total Time: 3 hours including re freezing time

Active Time:

Makes: Serves 8 ice cream bowls

This was the only thing I had time to go to while catering an event and all the freezers went out. My deserts were gone. Well we got a quick small freezer but no room for the long beautiful white plates with the 3 scoops of ice cream … So this is it. It was a huge hit.

A chocolate Raspberry and almond ice cream with decadent chocolate dipped cookies. It really was great, easy and probably not very original, but I would still make this any day for a date desert or just a nice evening desert for friends. It really is good.


  1. 1Ok, sounds like a lot but it is so easy. Let the ice cream set out to soften. While the ice cream softens add the sugar to the raspberries and let then mascerate a bit and mash slightly with a fork.
  2. 2In a large plastic ziploc add the chocolate cookies and crunch them up. Rolling pin or mallet or hammer or frying pan works great. Not too much, chunk are good.
  3. 3Now toast the almonds in a dry saute pan for 3-4 minutes, slightly brown. Remove, cool and chop. Rough chop
  4. 4Add the nuts, chocolate cookies and the raspberries to the ice cream and put back in the freezer to chill.
  5. 5Melt the dipping chocolate, lots of different recipes and brands available. Dip your cookies in the chocolate and set to the side to cool. I like to dip 1/2 of each cookie just for flavor and presentation.

NOTE: You can buy one in the baking aisle of most grocery store where you just put in the microwave, heat and dip. Quick time saver. Apologies for not remembering the name. I have seen a few different brands.

  1. 1Now made the whipped topping. Just mixed at high speed, added the sugar and almond extract. You could always add the almond flavor to any store bought topping as well if you don’t have time.
  2. 2Spoon out the ice cream, top with a drizzle of chocolate, add 3 cookies all dipped in chocolate, I would like to use 2 or 3 different ones for presentation, Top with wipped topping. If you have some extra raspberries, that is always nice.

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