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Lumpia Shanghai (spring roll Filipino-style)
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I know Filipino food is more greasier than most other Asian dishes, but this fried spring roll is one of the most well-known ones outside the filipino cuisine. The ingredients are very simple, but it’s the simplicity and the balance/ratio of ingredients that must be taken care of when cooking Filipino food. Also taste great with sweet chili sauce (recipe coming up soon!).

PS: ecuse my beautiful illustration on how to wrap a spring roll kekekekeke =D


  1. 1Combine garlic, onion, green onions, chopped shrimp, ground pork, salt and pepper
  2. 2Stir until well combined.
  3. 3Wrap meat filling in the spring roll wrapper diagonally in thin strips.
  4. 4fold about half of the wrapper over the meat diagonally (horizontally with respect to the meat filling) to make a triangular shape.
  5. 5Now fold the sides of the triangle and roll up the wrapper. Leave a space where you can dab the water to make the wrapper stick.
  6. 6At this stage, you’ll have a lumpia that is long. If you want you can cut it in halves or thirds with a pair of scissors.

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