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Inside-Out S'mores
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Total Time: about 1 hour

Makes: depends on how heavy your hand is with the fluff and the chocolate....

got the idea from a chocolate covered peanut butter ritz “cookie” recipe…. enjoy!


  1. 1Melt both semi-sweet and milk chocolate chips together in a double boiler on med-low until smooth.
  2. 2Smear some marshmellow fluff between two graham cracker squares and make a sandwich
  3. 3Take a fork and use it to dip the sandwich in the chocolate, covering the whole thing. Tap off any excess chocolate.
  4. 4Place nearly finished product on a cookie sheet lined with waxed or parchment paper and throw some sprinkles on the top before the chocolate completely sets.
  5. 5Keep going until you run out of chocolate. Once you have a tray-ful, put it in the fridge to set further for about half hour to an hour. Take out and eat.

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