Spanish Paella Recipe

Difficulty: Medium | Total Time: 45 minutes | Active Time: | Makes: 2-3 servings

To start, this dish is pronounced pie-yay-ya. I work in a Spanish restaurant, and almost everyone gets the name wrong…drives me crazy.

Anyway, this is a traditional Spanish recipe, and is a little complicated to make, but I am sure that if you try it, you will love it.

  • Saffron
  • Short-grain rice
  • Chicken thighs
  • lobster
  • mussels
  • clams
  • green peas
  • chicken stock
  • green pepper
  • garlic
  1. To start, you will need a Paella pan, or just a cast-iron frying pan. Heat the pan with enough oil to cover the bottom. Add 1/2 cup of sliced green pepper, a tblsp of garlic and 4 or 5 4 ounce pieces of chicken thigh. Let that simmer for about 5 minutes. Then add 2.5 cups of short-grain rice. Immediatley after that, add 1 cup of chicken stock or fish stock or vegetable stock. Now add a few pinches of Saffron (this is a very important ingredient, so don’t miss this step). Also, add about a tblsp. of tomatoe paste on top of the rice. Cover the dish and let it simmer for about 10 minutes.

After the rice has expanded enough, add 8 mussels, 8 clams, 6 jumbo shrimp, and 2 lobster tails split (so, 4 pieces). Now add 1/4 cup of green peas, and some red pimento. Let the dish cook until the lobster meat is firm to the touch.

During this entire process, if at any time, your dish gets too dry (not enough stock), your ingredients will burn. Add more stock as you progress, keeping everything well moistened.

Hope you enjoy it, and if you have any questions, let me know, or visit my website at

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