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Inside out cordon bleu chicken with a twist

Inside out cordon bleu chicken with a twist

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Total Time: 25 minutes

Active Time:

Makes: 1 chicken breast usually serves 1 person

I was inspired by a bottled sauce that I found which reminded me of a sauce which was served on the side with a dish at “Sizzler” years ago. I decided to make my own version of this dish to serve with the sauce.
The sauce was Weight Watchers Honey Mustard, and was a rather yellow mayonaise style. They have changed it since and the Weight Watchers Honey Mustard is now more of a vinegarette.
The chicken is still yummy and you can make your own sauce.

Added 5/5/2008 – I have also discovered that this is very yummy with sliced avocado under the cheese!


  1. 1First, make the sauce by combining the mayonaise, mustard and honey. You could just use mayonaise and a premade honey mustard if you prefer.
  2. 2Season the chicken breast with pepper and salt to taste, add the oil to the pan and pan fry the chicken breast. Depending on the size it should take around 4-5 minutes each side. I often butterfly the breast (by slicing almost all the way through laterally and opening them up). With large breasts you can slice all the way through and 1 will serve two people–depending on the appetite- this also helps to cook more evenly and quickly.
  3. 3Pre-heat a grill/broiler/salamander (depending on your country)–not the barbeque, but the overhead gas of coil element in you oven.
  4. 4Place the chicken breasts on an oven tray. Top with the slices of ham and then the swiss cheese.
  5. 5Place under the grill/broiler/salamander to melt the cheese. Its best if it doesn’t melt to the point where it bubbles.
  6. 6Serve with salad or vegetables. With the Honey Mustard sauce on the side, of course.

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