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Schnitzel à la Viennese Recipe

Difficulty: Easy | Total Time: 25 min. | Active Time: | Makes: a couple of schnitzels

I first made this because I like Wiener Schnitzel, but don’t eat veal and am not crazy about using pork for this particular recipe. Also, I had never used panko and thought this would be an excellent occasion.

  • 1 whole skinless boneless chicken breast, butterflied/cut in two
  • all purpose flour mixed with salt, pepper & paprika powder
  • couple eggs for egg wash
  • panko
  • vegetable oil and butter
  1. Pound chicken breasts very thin.
  2. Dredge in salted and peppered flour.
  3. Dredge in egg wash.
  4. Dredge in panko.
  5. Heat vegetable oil and some butter in a medium hot pan. Add breasts. Pan-sear until golden brown, flip, repeat.
  6. Serve topped with a slice of lemon, and —if you want to be a “real” Austrian, an anchovy filet on top of the lemon slice. Eat. Hope for schnitzel night again soon….

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