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Total Time: about 20 minutes

Active Time:

Makes: 12 chops equals 4 portions

Well Spring is here and with it a fresh abundance of morel.So lets get out there pick yourself some and lets enjoy Natures bounty(What ever you do make sure they are morel and not stink horns or turban fungi!!!)


  1. 1depending on how you like your lamb,myself pink this is what you do.
    1 large pan previousely heated add your rack fat side down. Season .Seal on all sides (5 minutes)longer if you like it better done.If using precut chops 2 minutes each side.
  2. 2Pre heat oven to 130 celcius,cover meat with foil and put in oven( to keap your meat warm).In new pan add a spoon full of butter,fry onions,garlic, thyme and sliced morels untill soft.Add Chalis simmer 2 minutes, add cream and season
  3. 3saute spinach in rest of butter (2 minutes)and season.If you prefer use mash potato as an accompaniment.
  4. 4slice chops from rack(1 bone per chop!)On plate add spinach to centre,add3 chops on spinach,serve morel sauce around chops guarnish with some thyme sprig or parsley.DELICIOUSE

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