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gourmet mac
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Total Time: depends on how much you cook it.

Makes: enough to feed me my wife and 2 kids

i came up with this combination when i at first put salsa in my mac to make it taste different then i went from there. over the years I have tried to put many stuff in my mac and many combinations. and so far this is my favourite combination.


  1. 1take one bag of macaroni noodles. the size depends on how much you are making. I use just one bag (equals about 2 boxes of mac n cheese) and boil them in water until soft and tender. drain noodles put them back in the pot.
  2. 2in a separate pan take one pound of hamburger. and cook it. drain the hamburger when brown.
  3. 3then take one box of velveeta cheese and put it in the bottom of the pot of the noodles and turn the heat to low. keep stirring until cheese is melted. add the drained hamburger.
  4. 4then take one can of italian stewed tomatoes. drain the juice. add to the pot stirring it in.
  5. 5take one can of peas then drain the juice. add to the pot and stir it in.
  6. 6then turn off the heat and serve to those wanting to eat. enjoy!

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