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Deep Range Mac
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Total Time: 30 minutes

Active Time:

Makes: enough for seven adults, 2 kids and one spactic dog

Just like the creators of this cool site, I and my friends share many great times over
dinner and and a few beers. We have get togethers and one of them is “Deep Range Mac” night. Traditionally thought of as a “side dish” this original recipe becomes the meal and it has quite a following with my crowd!


  1. 1Brown ground chuck adding garlic salt to taste
  2. 2Once meat has been browned, add chopped onion and red bell peppers and allow them to carmelize.
  3. 3Add 1/2 can (about 5 oz) to the beef and let simmer until most of the broth has
  4. 4Squeeze or add the two containers of Velveeta into the meet and veggies simmer on low for 15 minutes.
  5. 5Cook 2 lbs. mac noodles and drain, mix noodles and meat in large pan, serve with
    your favorite lager.

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