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Choppity Chop Veggie " Cobb" Salad
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Total Time: 1.5 hours sans food processor. 45 minutes with food processor.

Makes: A Large Bowl's Worth

A most excellent complement to a hot-off-the-grill meal, or a meal in itself, depending on your preference. While it most certainly can be made in the winter, it’s best during summer when veggies are fresher and in season.

Tip: If you have a garden of your own, or have access to one, I highly recommend you put it to good use for this dish. The most essential ingredients that really give it both texture and a cool “kick” are cucumbers and fresh basil.

Disclaimer: Your own judgment prevails; I don’t typically measure things out. Hint: Bulk should be cucumbers.


  1. 1Wash all ingredients and de-seed. Chop all into fine squares. Add seasonings last. Add oil and vinegar last. Mix, but not too hard. Add avocados at the VERY LAST MINUTE to avoid browning. Serve an optional bowl of feta for your guests to garnish on top.

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