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Nuclear 'Fire Roasted' Salsa
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Total Time: 40 minutes

Makes: Makes about 6 to 8 cups of salsa

The name says it all. My Nuclear ‘Fire Roasted’ Salsa isn’t for the faint of heart. Blackened tomatoes, chilies, and carmelized garlic cloves fire up the flavor. The chilies fire up the heat. It lives up to its name even with the bravest of tongues and mouths or heat seasoned aficionados.


  1. 1Rinse and dry off all vegatables. Add some olive oil to a large ‘flat’, or sided cast iron skillet and heat with a medium-high to high burner flame untill it just begins to ‘smoke’ slightly. Place tomatoes, jalapenos, 7 of the serranos (reserving the rest for slicing/chopping to be added to ‘blended’ ingredients), the habaneros, and the garlic cloves on the heated skillet. Occasionally turn and or rotate, with a pair of tongs, until as much of the skin of the tomatoes and chilies is blackened as is possible (don’t worry about blackening them entirely as it is impossible due to their shapes, again just as much as possible). Do not blacken the garlic cloves as they will turn out bitter. Just try and ‘carmalize’ them. When blackened, remove from skillet, place on a plate and let cool momentarily. Add all ingredients (except sliced/chopped serranos and lime juice) to a food processor or blender and use pulse feature to get the desired consistency you prefer. Place in a lidded container, mix in sliced/chopped serranos and lime juice, give it a good stir, cover with lid and refrigerate till cooled (refrigerate after each use).

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