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Rose Mary Cocktail
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Ronaldo Colli, a San Francisco Bay Area mixologist and co-owner of the Ivy Room in Albany, California, developed this cocktail for CHOW. The combination of watermelon, rosemary, vodka, and Licor 43 may seem odd, but the flavors are surprisingly complementary and refreshing. Sip one on a hot summer evening or enjoy at a barbecue.

What to buy: Licor 43 Cuarenta y Tres is a Spanish liqueur with great spiced notes and a vanilla flavor; it’s often served on the rocks. It can be found at high-end liquor stores and online.


  1. 1Fill a tall glass with ice and set it aside.
  2. 2Muddle the rosemary and watermelon in a cocktail shaker until the watermelon is completely broken up. Add the vodka, Licor 43, and lime juice, plus enough ice to fill the shaker halfway. Close and shake until frosty, about 20 seconds.
  3. 3Strain into the chilled glass and garnish with the lime wheel and rosemary branch.
  • Rose Mary Cocktail
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