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Caesar Salad
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Total Time: 10 mins

Active Time:

Makes: 20 servings as an hors d'oeuvre (6 regular servings)

This salad is not for wimps. Some Caesar recipes try to downplay the anchovies and garlic, but here you can taste both (hint: The anchovies are in the dressing), and yes, it’s good.

Game plan: This is a great salad to make for a party. You can either set out the bowl of tossed salad with plates for your guests to help themselves, or arrange the salad on small plates beforehand. If you are having more of a sit-down affair, this will make about 6 larger, first-course servings.

We’ve left the croutons as optional: Though they do make the classic Caesar salad classic, they take a bit of time to prepare. So either make them the day before and store them in an airtight container, or leave them off if you’re in a rush.

If you’re wary about eating the raw eggs in the dressing, just use your favorite bottled Caesar dressing instead.

For a slacker solution, substitute high-quality store-bought Caesar dressing, tear the lettuce up with clean hands, and toss everything together until well combined.

This recipe was featured as part of our Valentine’s Day Menu.


Combine romaine, croutons (if using), cheese, and dressing in a large bowl and toss to coat. Arrange salad on plates, season with freshly ground black pepper, and serve.

Beverage pairing: Adega Ponte de Lima Adamado Vinho Verde, Portugal. For a full-blown, piquant Caesar like this, you need a wine with some acidic punch. Vinho Verde, Portugal’s “green wine,” is a white wine, but charged with barely ripe firmness and citrusy focus. It can take the hit of garlic, the jab of anchovy, and still keep the mouth clean and fresh.

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