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Santa Maria
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Difficulty: Easy

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Makes: 1 drink

Simultaneously coy and assertive, this drink from Duggan McDonnell of San Francisco’s Cantina is well balanced yet boldly flavored. It’s great made to order but would do equally well as a punch at your next party.

What to buy: Velvet Falernum is a curious liqueur that many bars mix into drinks for an unexpected kick. Or you can try making your own: We think this recipe is a great stand-in.

If you’ve made your own ginger beer (and we think you should), then go ahead and use it here. Otherwise, look for a ginger beer that suits your taste. We prefer those with a nice note of sweet and a good kick of ginger, like Regatta.


  1. 1In a cocktail shaker, combine all ingredients except ginger beer and shake until shaker is frosted.
  2. 2Place fresh ice in a tall glass, strain tequila mixture over ice, adding a splash of ginger beer as you pour. Serve.
  • Santa Maria
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