Hot Voodoo Love

Hot Voodoo Love

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    Difficulty: Easy
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    Makes: 1 drink
    Hot Voodoo Love
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    Portland, Oregon-based mixologist Magarian goes for shock value in cocktail monikers. “I love names with unexpectedness,” he explains. Hot Voodoo Love is on the cocktail menu at Table 8 in Florida’s South Beach. Magarian deconstructs the name: Hot is appropriate for a drink featuring horseradish-infused vodka. Voodoo is intended to evoke a magical feel. And Love? “I look for words that are stimulating, sexy, strike a chord,” he says.

    Game plan: Make your own horseradish-infused vodka by steeping 1 cup cleaned, chopped horseradish in one 750 ml bottle of vodka for one day. Any extra horseradish-infused vodka would make a killer Bloody Mary.


    1. 1Mix all ingredients together.
    2. 2Add ice and shake vigorously for six seconds.
    3. 3Strain and garnish with a flaming orange peel.
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