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Zucchini–Pine Nut Muffins
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Total Time: 40 mins

Active Time:

Makes: 12 muffins

These muffins are great for breakfast or a late-afternoon snack. Our editor in chief likes them topped with our Cream Cheese Frosting.

What to buy: Look for whole-milk yogurt with “cream on top.” These yogurts are more fluid because they contain fewer stabilizers.


  1. 1Heat the oven to 350°F and arrange a rack in the middle. Butter and flour a 12-well muffin pan; set aside. Toss zucchini and salt together in a small bowl. Place zucchini in a strainer, weight it down with a small bowl, and set it over a small mixing bowl to drain.
  2. 2Heat a medium frying pan over medium heat, add pine nuts, and toast until golden brown all over, about 5 minutes. Remove to a small bowl and reserve.
  3. 3Whisk together measured flour, baking powder, and ginger in a medium bowl to aerate and remove any lumps; set aside.
  4. 4In a separate bowl, whisk together sugar, yogurt, oil, eggs, and vanilla extract until evenly combined. Add dry ingredients and stir briefly until just combined. Squeeze zucchini by the handful to release excess water, then add to the batter, add the toasted pine nuts, and stir until just combined (be sure not to overmix).
  5. 5Fill each well of the muffin pan halfway with batter and bake until a toothpick inserted into a muffin comes out clean, about 20 minutes. Set the pan on a wire rack and let the muffins cool for 5 minutes. Remove the muffins from the pan and serve.
  • Zucchini–Pine Nut Muffins
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