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Pink Gin (Gin and Bitters)
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Difficulty: Easy

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Makes: 1 drink

Except for the gin and tonic, no other cocktail is as quintessentially English as pink gin, also known as gin and bitters. A few drops of aromatic, sweetly spice-scented angostura bitters are a gentle enhancement for the bracing, juniper-driven taste of London Dry–style gin. We give you two options: a simple version (just chilled gin and bitters), and the same thing served over ice, topped off with a splash of soda water.


Simple version:

  1. 1Add the bitters to a chilled Old Fashioned glass. Roll the bitters around the sides of the glass until an inch or so of the bottom is evenly coated.
  2. 2Measure the chilled gin into the glass, stir briefly, and serve.

Topped-up version:

  1. 1Follow the steps for the simple version (above), but drop ice into the glass before stirring.
  2. 2Add a splash of soda water and serve.
  • Pink Gin (Gin and Bitters)
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