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Affordable catering company needed for Prospect Park wedding this fall

I have a friend who is running into some real problems finding an affordable caterer for their wedding this September. The event is planned for September 17th at the picnic house in Prospect Park. They are planning on having beer and wine and are pretty flexible with how they provide food but are working with about $5k to $7 max for around 100 people (not sure on this number). Does anyone have any creative suggestions without resorting to a potluck wedding?

Jun 08, 2010
hopey1canobe in Outer Boroughs

What do I do with a fresh ham ROAST

So, I was given a fresh (uncured) ham "roast" by a local farmer. It is a 2" thick slice from the pig's leg. What is the best way to prepare this beautiful cut?

I have seen a lot of talk about prep of a whole fresh ham but nothing about a slice of the ham. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Feb 24, 2010
hopey1canobe in Home Cooking

Places to eat in Vieques

Does anyone have up to date info about good places to eat in Vieques?
I tried reaching Cafe Media Luna but their phone number was out of order.

Any recommendations on good kiosks/street food?

Where can we find good coffee?

Where is the best seafood on the island?

Any recommendations for breakfast on the healthier/creative side?


Does anyone have contact info for Cafe Media Luna? I tried calling and the number is disconnected. the number I tried is: 787-741-2594