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Eastern Township Recommendation

We are spending the afternoon at the Balnea spa in Bromont in a couple of days and looking for a place to have a nice dinner nearby. Bromont, or anywhere on the way back to Vermont. Dunham, Sutton, Cowansville,etc.

Also we are going to stop in at the Michel Jodon Ciderie before lunch and any suggestions for a brunch/ lunch spot would also be welcome. Thanks.

Shaw's Crab house vs Mitchell Fish Market

I will be staying with my parents in Glenview and wondered whether it was worth driving out to Schaumburg to go to Shaw's instead of staying in Glenview. Any advice?


Feb 25, 2008
ericavil in Chicago Area

Capital Precision vs DCS 30 Inch All Gas

I have narrowed my choice of a new range to Capital and DCS. Obvious they are based on the same design since I understand Capital was started by former DCS employees. My problem is that the two different salesman (at 2 different appliance stores) each mildly runs down the quality and service/repair experience of the other product.
We like both of them and would go with either, making do with the feature differences if the service/repair history was markedly different.

I can find almost any opinion on the web after a week of seaching, so I am back where I started. Which view is more complelling? The 'reinvigorated" DCS after their purchase or the original DCS founders in their new company?



Feb 21, 2008
ericavil in Cookware

Which "Wine Bar" for dinner?

Thank-you everyone for taking the time to respond. We have made reservations at Bouchonne for Friday night and will let you know what we think. I am definately going to have to come back more often given this whole new kind of dining experience.

Which "Wine Bar" for dinner?

This year, instead of our usual trip to Montreal for the kind of fine dining not really available in Vermont, we have decided to try one of the fun sounding wine bars which seem to be springing up. We have identified "bouchonné -- comptoir à vin ", Bu and Pop! as three possible choices. Since we will have only one night this trip, any advice? Any other we should consider?