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Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in Fair Lawn

If they add more seats they will be in violation of both the zoning approval they received (approval includes # of seats) as well as local fire laws and regulations. Adding seats=being shut down.

Apr 09, 2014
BarbaraNJ in New Jersey

A/C and White House Subs

I was just in AC. There is also a White House Sub on the second level of the Trump Taj

Oct 13, 2013
BarbaraNJ in New Jersey

Good chocolate cake Englewood area

Butterflake in nearby Teaneck on Cedar Lane. There is also a french bakery in Teaneck that gets good reviews on Queen Anne Road. Can't remember the name. If you go to the french place, call first---they seem to be closed half of the week.

Sep 11, 2013
BarbaraNJ in New Jersey

More Trader Joe's Exposed

I love their fried onions in a can; far superior to the French's brand. Side by side, the French's are all breading and grease and the TJ's are crispy, dry and seasoned perfectly. Problem is, they only carry them for 2-3 weeks before Thanksgiving and sell out as fast as they stock the shelves (at least in northern NJ).

I would really like to know who is making these things so I can get them all year around, rather than purchasing a half dozen cans and having to ration them the rest of the year.

Feb 09, 2011
BarbaraNJ in Features

Seeking Incredibly Inexpensive Meals in Northern NJ

I have to ditto the roasted chicken comment, particularly if you are a member of Costco. The birds move quickly---just about every time I've purchased one, its too hot to carry ! And the cost is $5.00. Even for a hungry single person, that's typically 2 meals. Add prepared or frozen veggies of your choice for maybe 2-4 bucks more; each dinner will be 6-8 dollars. Costco also has big bags of broccoli floweretts; just dump into a steamer or boiling water, no trimming or cutting.

Dec 09, 2010
BarbaraNJ in New Jersey

Looking for pierogi manufacturers

sorry, did not notice until now that you requested specifics. i will get some names and locations and get back to you as soon as I can.

Jan 31, 2010
BarbaraNJ in New Jersey

Looking for pierogi manufacturers

Where are you located???

Wallington, NJ has the largest concentration of Polish persons in all of New Jersey. There are hand made pierogi and kielbasa shops "on every corner". Depending on the size of the store, they may ship.

These stores are where the Polish people shop, and in a few of the stores you have to learn to gesture because they don't speak English (and don't care---they sell out every day)

Jan 27, 2010
BarbaraNJ in New Jersey

Best Produce in Bergen County

Giant in Hackensack has lots of variety, you just have to be selective. The Route 17 East Rutherford is great !! but I don't get down that way enough.
Abma's is totally overpriced; I would rather do without than pay their prices.The Bergenfield market on New Bridge is good in a pinch; variety is not as good as Giant.

As far as Corrado's is concerned, I much prefer shopping in their Wayne location on Berdan Avenue. While there are more "buys" in their Clifton/Paterson location, it often looks dirty to me and I won't go there alone at night, no matter how well lit. The produce in Wayne doesn't seem as "manhandled" as the Clifton veggies.

One last place---there is a market on Route 23 North in Riverdale, across from the Pequannock exits and just over the Wayne line. If you pass the entry to Route 287, you have gone too far north.

Jan 27, 2010
BarbaraNJ in New Jersey

Where Can I Get Good Fresh Mozzarella in Bergen County?

Italian Riveria gets one of my votes....if you don't want to go Rte 17north, just get on Maple Avenue and take to the end, then Franklin Tpke to Waldwick.

My 2 cents for Corrado----Fair Lawn to Paterson is not far, but not an area I especially enjoy nowadays. The Corrado location in Wayne is not as chaotic (except around a holiday) and one of the times I was there a man was actually forming the mozz. balls right out in the open. He handed me a walnut size sample of the fresh cheese, still warm, and delicious !!

Jerry's is OK, depends on the day. I don't think that they make it every day.

Dec 08, 2009
BarbaraNJ in New Jersey

looking for milk in glass bottles in north nj

I am certain I saw milk in glass bottles in the Fairway market in Fort Lee on Anderson Avenue (not affiliated with Fairway, Paramus) though the Paramus market seems to have a little bit of everything so I would think its also a good bet.

Since the one thing all towns in Bergen County have in common is TRAFFIC, why not make a few phone calls first so you don't waste time and gas.

Staying in Medowlands,NJ need Recommendations of where to go for diner , of Bfast

Park and Orchard. Consistently wins awards for both food and wine. Prices reasonable for the amount and quality of food. Very high ceilings, so noise can be a factor. Try to get a table in area on the right side of the dining room-- a smaller side room which is a bit quieter.

Also, there is an Asian (fusion-type) of restaurant in the strip on Rte 3 northbound just beyond Lowes in East Rutherford. Also in the strip is Chilies and Starbucks--just for identification of the mall, not for food !! The Asian restaurant is very classy---esp. for a strip mall---and excellent flavors.

dinner in bergen county, nj

You might consider Oceanos, Saddle River Road, Fair Lawn.
Portions are on the large side, and the fish is so fresh it practically swims to the table !!
Preparations lean toward the simple, allowing the fish to be enjoyed without being smothered or covered.
Pricey, though in case thats a consideration.

Will also recommend Roca, Rock Road, Glen Rock. Some Italian dishes, but mostly eclectic. Not as pricey as Oceanos and it is BYO, which helps the bill.
Never heard a bad review.

Iron Forge Inn

Thanks so much for the input.....sounds terrific and should be in line with my budget. While the gazebo sounds a bit outside my budget, I have two more questions: would it be comfortable on an August evening, and does the tasting menu include wine ???
Thanks again.

Iron Forge Inn

I host a dinner with three to five close friends each year on my birthday (August) and like to select a destination restaurant where we can get good food--doesn't have to be high end gourmet--and spend the evening talking, laughing and enjoying the food without being rushed.

From all the posts I've read and their web site, the Iron Forge Inn seems like a candidate. I do not want to spend more than $100 per person ALL INCLUSIVE, meaning food, drinks (we're not big drinkers, but 2 glasses of wine and one after dinner drink is not uncommon) tax and tip.

The Iron Forge website does not offer prices. Can anyone who has been there offer any insight ???

Also, they offer a private gazebo---has anyone experienced it ?

Thanks as always !!!


I don't know how much you need or how far you are willing to travel, but there is a marzipan "factory" on Washington Avenue in Bergenfield, NJ. They make all kinds of fancy marzipan and sell to others, like bakeries and specialty stores, but also sell some retail products in the small area at the front of the building.

I found the place compliments of a friend who needed "pounds" of marzipan for a holiday recipe. She called around and surfed the net and found this place; they were willing to sell bulk marzipan.

Don't know if they still do, but I can tell you that its really fresh stuff.

Perhaps they would be willing to ship if you purchased a significant quantity.

East Rutherford Deli?

Forget the name, but deli is at the corner of Union St and Hackensack Ave.
I think there is a ball field across the street (to the South); its just one block west of Route 17.

The building is a bit run down on the outside, and the inside is not indicative of the great food, either. But give it a try, everything is very fresh and homemade. Just FYI, it leans Italian---in case you were looking for German or Jewish-type deli's, I thought I would warn you in advance.

If you know where Park and Orchard is, the deli is on the same side of the street and on the same block, south of P&O>

Fairway At Last !!

To be a bit more specific, on the northbound side of rte 17, just before the overpass for Ridgewood Avenue. Exit Rte 17 just after Jaguar (I think they're still there) and just before the Fireplace burger joint

Fairway At Last !!

Tonight I saw a "news crawl" running at the bottom of the News12 channel which announced that Fairway Market in Paramus was opening in March. I was beginning to think it would never come to pass.

Hudson, NY Help

I will be spending a weekend in Hudson, NY in a few weeks, visiting Olana and other sights.
There are many restaurants advertised on the town website and the tourism boards, but all appear recommended in glowing terms.
Has anyone had any experience in Hudson or the nearby towns so I can get some realistic reviews ???