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Early Bird specials in Charleston SC mid-week

We're staying in city-center/tourist area for a few days in a week or so. Are there any good early bird or Happy Hour deals anywhere?

Jan 30, 2015
LynnTTT in Southeast

Best barbeque sauce out of a bottle?

I like Sweet baby Ray's and it's available everywhere

Apr 22, 2013
LynnTTT in General Topics

Hilton Head Island

We live in Bluffton, the poor man's Hilton Head. Saturday night we went to Fusion, just outside Sea Pines. On Friday and Saturday nights they have a very good and reasonable Indian buffet. Go west across the bridge and make a right into Moss Creek to Claude and Ulli's. Great bistro french food with very good sauces. For great views and lots of choices, try Skull Creek boathouse.

Jun 03, 2012
LynnTTT in Southeast

Hilton Head area- Claude and Uli's

An excellent alternative to the fried shrimp/BBQ joints that abound. Claude and Uli's is just east in Bluffton, across the bridge on Rt 278 . It's in Moss Creek
Excellent French Bistro type food. Good early bird special ($15.95) included soup (great fresh gazpacho) entrees like fresh fish, mussels, veal, and a nice dessert of creme caramel. Slightly higher "prix fixe" at $ 20.11 included steak bernaise, coq o'vin. Everything home-made. French size servings- just the right amount without take-home leftovers. Nice atmosphere, just a little friendly formal, , good wine list , most between $22-$30. Wash the sand out of your hair and drive 15 minutes for a great meal.

Aug 19, 2011
LynnTTT in Southeast

Menu for sports theme party (for $ 5 or $6 per person)

Thanks to everyone who replied. But we have to nix the idea of a "help yuurself" type nacho bar. Lat year I worked a similar party- all pot luck with main dishes etc on one side of the room and desserts on the other. While people were still bringing in the food and setting up, some people started to "drift" over to the dessert area and started to pick away things! had to cover both tables with clothes. And at another group we have learned that you have to dole out the fried chicken (and OMG what they do to shrimp!!). Otherwise, they will stack up their plate sky high, taking 4 pieces of chicken when the rest of the tables haven't been called. Yes, we have to call the tables in a totally fair way or we'd have all 100 people standing in line 2 seconds after the party starts.

Aug 18, 2011
LynnTTT in Home Cooking

1 lb. Can of Lump Crab Meat - What's Your Favorite Recipe?

Wow, I've never thought of leftover crab as a problem!!! Reminds me of an early Julia Child show I was watching in the late 60's she was making lobster salad and said "this is a lovely dish when you have leftover lobster". I almost fell of the flimsy card table chair we used in our dining room because we couldn't afford a dining room set! Has anyone ever had leftover lobster????

Aug 18, 2011
LynnTTT in Home Cooking

Menu for sports theme party (for $ 5 or $6 per person)

I'm in charge of the food for a neighborhood party . It's all seniors, 100 people and we're having a general sports theme. And oh yeah, we can't charge more than $ 8 per person and that has to include decorations, soft drinks (it's BYOB) and the food. We usually do "finger food", but, trust me, these people eat and it's more than chips and dips. last year we did Chinese New Year and had fried rice, egg rolls, etc.

Suggestions? Mini-Pigs in blankets, popcorn, maybe big pretzels?. Any way to do nachos for a group? What for dessert? (These people love dessert).

Aug 17, 2011
LynnTTT in Home Cooking

Turkey dinners across the country!!!

My husband and I are taking a two month trip in the RV, from Hilton Head SC to Yellowstone and back. Stopping off in Springfield IL, up to WI Dells, into South Dakota (Badlands, Custer), Into WY, Yellowstone, Tetons, down to Moab UT, then into CO (Gunnison, CO Springs), east to Abilene Kansas, Kansas City, ST Louis, then Kentucky and home. I'm tired already.

We grill out a lot, eat local dishes, but I love a real old fashioned turkey dinner. Or any other favorites on the way. Any suggestions are welcome.

Jul 17, 2010
LynnTTT in Mountain States

Beaufort/Port Royal SC- McPhersons BBQ

Just got back from having a good lunch. My husband and I both had pork BBQ sandwiches ( beef and chicken also a choice). Sandwiches were lightly sauced and there were 4 different sauces on the table to add to taste. Came with chips and I paid $1 extra for very good jalapeno corn bread. Very nice selection of local beers for $3. Owner says they cook fresh overnite on a daily basis. Nice blues music also. Between 10th and 11th streets on Paris Avenue in "old" Port Royal. Maybe 6 miles from downtown Beaufort.

Afterwards we drove a few blocks to the public pier/beach and watched the fisherman, people bathing and dogs playing. Nice spot.

Jun 14, 2008
LynnTTT in General South Archive

Your best cabbage recipes?

We went to family reunion at a lodge near the Smokies this summer and one dish was outstanding: German Red Cabbage. Everyone wanted the recioe. Sooooo simple:
Stir fry the red cabbage lightly in butter.
Then cook covered in the oven for 30-45 minutes in a mixture of equal parts balsamic vinegar and brown sugar.

OK for any amount of cabbge. I don't like red cabbage but this was great.

Jan 10, 2008
LynnTTT in Home Cooking

New to Savannah: Looking for good NON-chain places

Have you noticed an overwhelming lack of response to any question about Savannah and the surrounding area? We are new also and are looking for a decent Farmers Market in Hilton Head, nontouristy and reasonable places etc. Here in Bluffton, north of HH I can't find a decent tomato or ear of corn. There are a few small farmers markets, open either in the am or until about 5:00 PM. So convenient.

Good pizza at Vinnie Van GoGo at City Market, Indian at Madras something on Eisenhower,lunch during the week at Ms Wilkes Boarding House. Still looking for decent Chinese . Oh well, I'll keep looking

Jul 06, 2007
LynnTTT in Southeast