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Bake & Broil-breakfast

Just had a huge slice of their heavenly Lemon Lush pie. I can say with confidence that this is my favorite pie anywhere. Bake N Broils croutons are superb as well as their quiche.

Best dessert in Long Beach??

Oh, I forgot to mention the Romeo et Juliet crepe from Le Creperie on 2nd st. My favorite with Nutella, strawberries, bannanas, and whipped cream!

Best dessert in Long Beach??

Hmm...Ive never had anything from Creative Cakery. I will definitely have to try!

Best dessert in Long Beach??

oh, now youre talking! Bake N' Broil is amazing. My all time favorite is Lemon Lush Pie, Red Velvet cake with the cream cheese frosting, and the Coconut Pinapple cake is equally amazing.

Best Reception location on a budget

Around what location were you thinking?

Well, I've been to a couple of wedding receptions at Khoury's restaurant in Long Beach. ( It is a waterfront restaurant with glass windows that is gorgeous around sunset and has a very classy feel to it. It does have a dance floor, catering from the restaurant, and will definitely accomodate your group of 80 guests. I'm not too sure about pricing, but I'm positive it will not be as expensive as a location in Beverly Hills. Definitely worth checking out!

Congrats on the engagement and good luck!

Best dessert in Long Beach??

Being a sugar addict myself, I thought I'd ask my fellow Chowhounders where they like to get the best dessert in Long Beach. From there, I will proceed to make my way around town and sample your suggestions (I feel it will be my duty). Be sure to name the place AND dessert!

Good food near cal state long beach?

Go Beach! Ok, near Cal State...

Cha for Tea
A "tea bar" where you can get a quick bite of asian food and boba (if you like boba). It is definitely a hot spot for Cal State students to study and mingle, being just 2 minutes away from campus.

And you will be right near 2nd street in Belmont Shores, where Georges Greek, Open Sesame, Le Creperie, Biggs, Cafe La Strada, Aroma Di Roma, and Bono's are located (these are some of my favorites).

Seal Beach is pretty close as well, just 10 minutes from Belmont Shores. On Main Street, there is a hole-in-the-wall called Nic's, which has a great breakfast burrito (that's all I've ever ordered), and a place called El Burrito Jr towards the end of the street. This place has pretty good Mexican fare for good prices. These are both very "local" places to eat at, so expect a very casual, laid-back atmosphere.

Good luck, and welcome to Long Beach!

LBC-Good Eats

Born and raised in LB, so hopefully I can give you a couple of suggestions.

This is one of my favorites. Fusion-inspired food with huge, all-around windows that give spectacular views of the Belmont Bay. During the weekends, they have live music, which is always nice.

Cafe Piccolo
I'm surprised it has not been mentioned yet, seeing that it has been voted the "most romantic restaurant" in LB. Wonderful italian food and wine, and everytime I've been there the service has been great. Its very quaint, garden-like (complete with a fountain) that lends to a cozy atmosphere.

The Sky Room
I've never been, but I've heard from friends that this place is definitely a must-see in LB. Although on the expensive side, it is located on the top floor of the Breakers hotel (ringing true to its name), where it offers amazing views of the city. I suggest going at night when all the lights come on.

As you can see, I'm as much about the atmosphere as I am of the food :) I hope that helped, and that you enjoy your stay in Long Beach!

LBC-Good Eats

No, youre not the only one that dislikes Lucilles. I dont like it either, but then again Im not the biggest fan of Islands either-a bit overpriced for an average burger, and any place where you have to order fries separately turns me off.

Finally turning 21! Cute, unique, but most importantly a CHEAP place for food and cocktails??

Wow, im impressed. Thank you so much, Wolfgang, you read my mind. I was begining to stress out about what to do AFTER Happy Hour. Border Grill looks great, and 217 looks equally wonderful and birthday-worthy.

Favorite flavored potato chips? Probably not Coney Island Hot Dog with Mustard

Even as a nutritionist, I'll have to admit I'm addicted to Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream as well!

May 21, 2007
shelovestoeat in General Topics

Finally turning 21! Cute, unique, but most importantly a CHEAP place for food and cocktails??

sure, I would say a Margarita is a yummy cocktail. Thanks for the rec!

Finally turning 21! Cute, unique, but most importantly a CHEAP place for food and cocktails??

Nic's sounds great! And definitely my type of restaurant. If not for my birthday, I will have to visit sometime very soon. Thanks for the suggestion!

Finally turning 21! Cute, unique, but most importantly a CHEAP place for food and cocktails??

oh World Cafe sounds good! right around what I'm looking for...

Finally turning 21! Cute, unique, but most importantly a CHEAP place for food and cocktails??

Ok, I just added some perferred locations

Finally turning 21! Cute, unique, but most importantly a CHEAP place for food and cocktails??

Here are the conditions:

1. I'm turning 21, so a place with yummy cocktails!
2. There will be about 10 of us
3. This group of 10 people are POOR college students ($20 and under per person for food AND cocktails)
4. I'm a girl and its my birthday, so I want it to be nice and on the cute side
5. Perferably somewhere that has a unique touch, and not just your average restaurant
6. Location: West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Wilshire, Sunset Strip, Hollywood, San Pedro. OR Orange County- Huntington Beach, Newport, Costa Mesa, Irvine

Is this even possible?? Thank you so much!! I appreciate all your suggestions!