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NYC's All City Best Buffalo wings (2007)

I still go for Atomic Wings any day- particulary their location at Bar Coastal in the upper east side. Also Blodies definitely too! Had they recently at the 79th st location and they were still slammin.
I make sure to order my wings cooked well done and "as spicy as they can make them", maybe this helps to get fresher wings?
I'm gonna have to try Scruffy Duffy's, they get a lot of kudos on this topic.

May 18, 2007
imthirsty in Manhattan

best buffalo wings in the city

I gotta go with Atomic Wings. They have locations all around the city within bars as well as their own, more take-out type spots. I prefer Bar Coastal in the upper east side because of all the tv's, atmosphere and tables. The one in the village is very cramped and underground level, very fratboy atmosphere- go if you want beer pong with your wings.
Blondies is great too, they're on w79th st and also 1st and 92nd.
ps- I went to school in Buffalo so I know the real deal! DUFFS REPRESENT!

May 18, 2007
imthirsty in Manhattan