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Asian market coming to San Ramon

GODD NEWS !!! Ranch 99 in Dublin (at Amador Valley Blvd and Regional Street) will be opening on Wednesday, August 29, 2007.

Ranch 99 - Dublin store
7333 Regional Street
Dublin, CA 94568
(925) 833-3999

Business Hours:
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM (7 days a week)

Here's the link to the Ranch 99 website in case you're interested.

By the way, Le Asia (an Asian Supermarket) in San Ramon at Alcosta Blvd and Village Parkway, has been a great place to shop for groceries. Some of their produce prices have been truly outstanding.

Asian market coming to San Ramon

Le Asia opened on August 18th, and it was great. It by far surpassed my expectations, and it fills a niche in this community. The store is really big, and it's well-stocked with not only Chinese food items, but includes Thai, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian (from India), etc. They also have a lot of American items which are tastefully integrated adjacent to the Asian items. There's a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fresh seafoods. There are tanks of live crabs, lobsters, and catfish... the vast variety of fresh seafood is great. This niche has been lacking in the San Ramon Valley. Visit the store when you get a chance, it's wonderful, Eventually, the store will include a food court, serving interesting and flavorful Asian cooked foods. There's a section in the Galleria side of the store that features Japanese confectionaries (candies and crackers). I was informed that there are 900 varieties of those confectionary items. Cost of those items are $3.99 per 4-oz (this is $15.96 per pound). Check out the Sanrio section too of Hello Kitty type items, and there's a section of Japanese cosmetics. There's something for everybody, even Chinese DVDs. Enjoy your shopping experience !!! I sure did.

Here are some pictures from the Grand Opening ceremony. There was the traditional Lion Dance, The second picture includes Le Asia's owner, Paul Lee.

Dublin - Old Town Cafe Singaporean Cafe - Pulled Tea (Teh-Tarik)

Ranch 99 will be opening at the end of August 2007 at the former site of Ralph's in Dublin. Also, a new Asian market called Le Asia, will be opening in San Ramon and will be having a grand opening on August 18th 2007 at Alcosta Blvd and Village Parkway. This is at the former site of Ralph's in San Ramon. These will both be welcome additions to the Valley. This will save us from having to drive to Milpitas, Fremont, Richmond, or Oakland for Asian groceries. Yipee!!!

Dublin - Old Town Cafe Singaporean Cafe - Pulled Tea (Teh-Tarik)

The food at Banana Leaf in Milpitas is great !!!. They have wonderful Malaysian/Singaporean food, and we've never been disappointed. The roti is good there, and we really enjoy their seafood laksa. It's really flavorful, and has just the right about of spiciness. Their Hainanese Chicken with rice is wonderful too. I've recommended it to friends who also enjoyed eating there. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. Mmmmmm.

Asian market coming to San Ramon

99 Ranch Market will be in Dublin at Regional Street and Amador Valley Blvd, The store in San Ramon will be called Le Asia at the site of the former Ralph's Store on Alcosta Blvd and Village Parkway. Le Asia in San Ramon is currently accepting applications for employment, so they will likely be opening that store soon. I'm looking forward to the opening of both stores, welcome additions to the Valley. .