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Breakfast in Niagara Falls

I would highly recommend Regal Diner. We were in the Falls this weekend and unfortunately, we could not find much decent food - and it was all ridiculously expensive for poor quality food.

Went to the Regal Diner on the way out on a friend's recommendation. We had the Sausage Butty (amazing sausage, on a comforting fresh bun) and a Classic Breakfast, two OJs and two sides - $21 after taxes. Hashbrowns were super crispy. Everything was homemade and the prices were so reasonable. The cost of our breakfast for two at the Regal Diner was the cost of a mediocre breakfast plate for one person at one of the other chain restaurants.

Highly recommended!

HELP - Saskatchewan Style Pizza??

What about Panago? You could just ask them to put the cheese on top. It's similar to Pizza Hut.

Brick Street Bakery Refuses to Slice Bread!?!?

I freeze my bread, being that I can't eat a whole loaf of bread on my own. While i enjoyed their bread, hand slicing a parsley basil loaf was a pain in the butt at home and made a mess. I won't be buying from them again.

Dim Sum at Dragon Dynasty - Could be some of GTA's best!

Had an AWESOME time on Saturday at Dragon Dynasty along with the Northern Dumplings/Ruelo/Lucullus crawl. It was my first time having Dim Sum since having moved to TO (and since i was a kid, I think!). Overall, was really impressed though it sounds like Yang's wins out in the head to head battle (will have to try it out soon).

My favorites were the sticky fried rice (been craving Chinese sausage!), and the char sui bao was exactly what I wanted (again, been on a steamed char sui bao bun since I moved here). I can't attest to the fish/seafood dishes we ordered as I don't eat seafood but everything looked good. cheung fun was also really nice and I just picked the shrimp pieces out of it. Heehee.

Service seemed good; carts rolled around fairly quickly and we had quite the spread.

And at $17/person, I thought it was really cheap. A good re-introduction to dim sum and a lot of fun - solid but with fantastic company! But now dying to try Yang's and LWH.

Where to experience Chinese New Year in Toronto

Is there anywhere in Chinatown where we can go for a decent Chinese New year's meal on the day?

Best Christmas dinner on Christmas eve in Toronto?

My friend and I will be going out for dinner on Christmas eve and were wondering, where is the best place go to that will be open and spot on fantastic? I know Globe and Harbord Room were open for thanksgiving but will they for Christmas eve? I was looking for something semi traditional with a twist!


Internet Coupon meal experiences please

Fire on the East Side was fantastic. Food was simple but so delicious and perfectly executed. I would totally return.

Zelda's had some bad for you, tasty apps, so greasy that you shouldn't consume them but good in that it's grease. Service was excellent.

Toronto Underground Market - starting in September

MUCH more efficient and less manic event this time around! I had a great time. We missed the La Carnita line again, didn't realize it was back. Maybe next time. The Comida Del Pueblo stand was my favorite - the grilled cheese was so decadent, the buffalo empanada with a perfectly crisp shell, and banana/lemon beignets - delish.

The samosas - veggie, chicken and beef, had an amazing shell on them, so crisp. The veggie filling was weird though, Green Giant frozen veggies. they were also selling samosa chips which looked interesting, but I didn't get a closer look.

The braised oxtail with rice was so tender and flavourful.

the butter chicken with naan was good but steep at $8 a plate.

We also had a sausage wrapped in a pancake - it was bland, flavourless and dry :( Also bland was the meat tourtiere - nice crust but filling was unseasoned.

I'm surprised West Side Beef was back with the Po Boys - this time, Yum Tummers from Round 1 skipped this stand as sliders are so passe. It was great to see less 'sandwiches" and bread type of things.

Elle Cuisine - I had a major problem with this stand, which is unfortunate as I was so stoked to come to this one. Three tiny lobster churros for $4 and ONE beef 'perogie' for $4. I didn't taste any truffle in the perogie at all and it was more like a dumpling than a perogie. The portions were ridiculously small, which is fine if they had actually tasted amazing but I found it just OK. Her branding was a bit much too - I hadn't seen a poster sized photo of a chef at one of these events before. I saw that she tweeted "bigger portions next time in Nov" - aren't they all supposed to go to tasting next round? Or do some vendors get an automatic pass?

The agnolotti from the cooking school was really good and I heard the Aranacini was excellent as well. Hope those kids get to Italy!

Also tried the Ramen Noodles - with pork belly and a tiny egg. Delish. Was he the same guy doing tacos last time? Shinaki?

Anyway, I had a great time and I can't wait till the next one!

Michaelos Fine Foods

I've been there a few times now.

I think it's a bit pretentious and also confusing. High end gourmet food, then McCain superfries in the freezer?

The woodfired pizzas are quite good and a great value ($10 for a 10 in) as I tried a sample they were handing out. the desserts are not made in house but instead from LaRoca, Dufflets, Rahier and Wild Factory.

The markup is quite high on most basics and it's a nice store. But I thought the "complimentary valet with the purchase of a latte" is completely crazy. Who needs valet service at Yonge and Eg, when stopping for groceries? most of us just walk by anyway and live in the area.

Strange. And the security guard who stands there like a bouncer - completely unneccessary.

Foodstock - October 16th near Shelburne

I'm def. going!

Best camera for food photography?

I ended up with this one. It's incredible and great for concert photography as well.

Oct 12, 2011
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Thanksgiving Dinner Options?

JennaBean, thanks for the ranking! I haven't been to any of the places so your opinion helps. Globe Menu looks great... I'd llike to see the Harbour Room menu. The staff there looks "cool" though so might be an interesting experience too.

Thanksgiving Dinner Options?

Didn't see that either, thanks Magic! Love Torontonians...!

Thanksgiving Dinner Options?

I totally thought about that as well. Looks like a great menu but I missed the free pie option haha.

Thanksgiving Dinner Options?

Hurray!! That's the type of article I was looking for. THANKS! I find it so hard to decide though with all the options - esp not knowing what will be good,. If you had to choose between Globe, Allens, Globe, Czecoski, Harbord Room or Edward Levesque's Kitchen, which would you go with?

Thanksgiving Dinner Options?

Thanks FoodyDudey! That sounds good, I'll probably head there. Any other good options?

Thanksgiving Dinner Options?

Thanks Jo, you're the best as always! And also to Magic for the other suggestions too.

Restaurants open over Thanksgiving 2011?

Wondering the same thing!

Thanksgiving Dinner Options?

I'm new to the city and away from home for Thanksgiving... Are there any places that serve either a) an amazing Thanksgiving dinner or b) inventive spins on Thanksgiving dinner? It doesn't need to be traditional but I'd definitely like to do something.

At the least, a place to pick up a nice dinner? Preferably in the downtown or Midtown area!


Best macarons in Toronto?

Bobette and Belle supplies O & B Artisan at the Eaton Centre/Bay. I asked specifically.

Best macarons in Toronto?

Never been a fan of Nadege.... But I love the ones at Bobette and Belle. O & B Artisan sells them now.

Toronto Underground Market - starting in September

That was my exact feeling too!!

Toronto Underground Market - starting in September

What was in the bahn mi? The line up was long so I didn't wait for it but I really wanted to try it out.

My friends spent about half of what I did for food so when I gripe about it, it's really about my inability to do these events properly ;) A sharing idea is better as you end up not too full and trying everything...

Next one will be good, I hope there's less pulled pork!

Toronto Underground Market - starting in September

Went and had a great time! It was pretty well run but a lot of bad vendors as well, unfortunately. A friend of mine actually busted Flying Monkeys beer vendor for charging $5 ticketed beers the size of sample glasses when other beer vendors got full sized beers. He complained to the Yum Tum people and they forced the guy to serve regular glasses. What a shocking rip.

Had an array of things - deep fried quail eggs (good, but one was enough), deep fried breakfast dumplings ($3 each was outrageous), Po Boys (good but $4 for that tiny bite?), pork belly sandwich (freshly sliced, amazing), pulled pork quesadillas (this was one of the best! crisp shell, only $3), and an array of other things. The Kale pesto pasta was actually fantastic as well and I bought a pkg of the pesto to go.

Desserts were slow going and so so.

Overall it was fantastic but I was surprised to find some of the food very ho-hum. Spring rolls? Pulled pork x 4 vendors?

The event started on time and it was pretty well organized.

I'd go again but for me, I ended up spending $60. That's a lot!

What's your most disappointing dining experience?

Was just there - found a bone in my entree. Mentioned it to the server but they didn't bother correcting it.

Foodstock - October 16th near Shelburne

Would love to go to this, though I wish it wasn't 2 hours away. Most of me and my friends don't own a car!

Where can i find the best chicken shawarma?

I tried the Shawarma Empire - not bad at all. Very fresh but small and the hotsauce was a bit much for me. It's way out there for me so I wouldn't go again unless in the area. Glad I tried it!

Shawarma King is still really top notch for me. I can't believe it's not busier. And I think they used WHITE meat!

best bakery?? midtown or downtown?

Finally went to EPI Breads and you were ALL right - AMAZING! love their whole wheat and Health Bread with the sprouts and carrots. Brilliant! Mucho thanks!

best bakery?? midtown or downtown?

Maybe the one on College is different from the one on Bayview. I've only been to the College St one.

best bakery?? midtown or downtown?

Simply Italian, best gelato I've had yet. Not sure what's happened to Il Gelatiere but it's been terrible the two times I went and I won't be going back. Service is rude too sadly.

I went to Jedd's Frozen Custard - nice late hours... Great stuff. I noticed they get their desserts from Rahier, which would explain why the mousse cake i had was amazing.