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Where are the best baby back ribs (pork) in Austin?

Bone Daddy's Ribs are amazing! I heard Houstons are pretty good, but also pretty $$$.

May 23, 2007
chris c in Austin

Breakfast Burritos vs. Tacos?

I feel your pain, I'm originally from Chicago and to say the least Pizza in Austin is HORRIBLE! I'm dumbfounded how Mangia can even stay in business. But back to the topic at hand. I lived out in AZ for a bit and got hooked on Breakfast Burritos. Breakfast Tacos are just no match. Taco Shack-Bland, Kerbie lane/Magnolia-Stick to the queso, Taco Xpress-Sure if you like burnt eggs, Don Juan@Juan in a Million-Might as well throw in the toilet and skip a step. After many attempts and many disappointments I finally found THE SPOT! Super Burrito on Oltorf and Parker. Breakfast Burritos just like in AZ and Cali. They also have Carne Asada Burrito's that put FREEBIRDS trash in a tortilla to shame. Try it out, you won't be disappointed. I drive from all the way from Cedar Park about once a week just for a Potato/Egg/Cheese Burrito. And at 2.80 a gallon it's still worth it. FYI they're closed on Sundays.

May 17, 2007
chris c in Austin