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brioche in York Region?

Hi there... there is a bakery in the plaza on Wellington just West of Yonge Street... I believe they have Brioche, possibly Saturdays only. It does not look like much when you walk in but their goods are delicious.

NOTL - bday dinner after wine and chocolate event

Our friend loves that place... but from what I can see it's mostly pizza... or am I wrong?

NOTL - bday dinner after wine and chocolate event

I second (third, fourth) Stone Road Grille. Went just last weekend and we love it there. Had the BEST waiter (Mark) and the owner is super. Be sure to make reservations though! It is busy busy.

Within walking distance from the Art Gallery of Ontario?

We are in town for the Art Gallery Friday and we were wondering if there was something within a couple of minutes walk from the Gallery for dinner. We will have three adults and two older children with us. Thank you!

Substitute saltine crumbs for matzo meal?

I am so glad you posted your question as I came here looking for the same information! I was craving Matzo Ball Soup and in our small area couldn't get my hands on any Matzo meal. I am going to use water crackers, seemed like a good substitution. Thank you to the other posters for all the great information!

Jan 12, 2010
missmouse in Home Cooking

Le Chinois in Burlington

We had a pleasantly surprising take home meal from the Burlington location of Le Chinois last weekend. I say pleasantly surprising because I have never once been overwhelmed at the quality of a Chinese meal from anywhere. I am notoriously picky when it comes to this food. When the group we were with decided on Chinese food, I was quietly dreading my dinner.

We ordered your typical selections, spring rolls, chicken rice, beef with noodles and vegetables, chicken with almonds etc. However, the difference being that what arrived on my plate looked nothing like your typically fried and greasy, overprocessed glutinous chinese food one has come to expect. There were generous helpings of recognizable, carefully cut vegetables, and more than just carrots and celery! As well, there were no green onions in sight, a boon for someone like me who gets a bad reaction from them. The best part was not being hungry an hour later!

Just for reference, an order of the Beef with Asian Noodles (thick) and vegetables would have fed two people and would be an excellent quick meal if you were passing by that area. (Brant Street, Burlington Power Centre)

I can't speak for other's experiences or the other locations but this was a banner day for us! Just wanted to share.

Johnny Rocco's in Niagara Falls

I was wondering if anyone had tried Johnny Rocco's in Niagara Falls and what you thought of it.

NYer asks: Any diners, greasy spoons or regular food in Niagara Wine country?

I have to agree now! Since I last posted I have definitely experienced the same thing several times with Mossimos. I once sat with three kids and waited an hour and 20 minutes for food. Why we stayed, I don't know, but the kids were behaved and I guess after the first while I figured I'd waited that long so.... we were offered nothing, not even an apology. Did you know eat in customers call ahead to have their food ready for them when they sit down? Walk in customers are the third to be served, pick ups and deliverys first, then call aheads and then the last in line is the seated customers! Even the quality of their food has gone down. Riding on their reputation I guess? There are more and more options in the area so they are going to have to up their ante if they don't want to lose business.

PATH food, St. Andrew's Subway Station

Do they have the buffet all the time?

PATH food, St. Andrew's Subway Station

It's at Roy Thompson... we shall check out the food court.

PATH food, St. Andrew's Subway Station

Hello! I will be taking the subway to St. Andrew's Station and am hoping to eat lunch in the PATH somewhere around there with my children (11 and 9) before a concert. Can anyone recommend anything? Preferable nothing tooooo exotic but certainly not hamburgers either. Thank you in advance!

Hot Chocolate in Packages

I don't know if this is helpful or not but this is my favourite hot chocolate and you can buy it in packets....

Best Niagara Icewine?

I second this one... Magnotta is quite nice!

Don Mills and Lawrence - Any Ideas?

Well, my Aunt wanted to go to Anthony's. I have to say, it was only adequate... the food did leave alot to be desired. (Not to mention my shoes were sticking to the carpet and the rest of the place could use a good scrub.) I am sure in it's day it was quite nice though. We drove by a few other places that you had mentioned, so I think next time we will try those. Thank you all for your rec's!

ANY GREAT WINGS in Niagara Falls ON?

In reply to toopicky about Mossimos......

I know what you mean about the service... I waited an hour and fifteen minutes for my pizza and wings, eat in, and I had THREE little kids with me on my own. No apologies, not a word. Haven't been there since. I was not impressed. It is good but not worth that!

Don Mills and Lawrence - Any Ideas?

mmmmm marvellous edibles, I know she talks about that place. I think she buys me massive muffins from there come to think of it! Will have to check these places out thank you!

Don Mills and Lawrence - Any Ideas?

haha I am all for feeling young! Sounds great we will look into it, thank you.

Hey Niagara hounds it's Springalicious time!

Don Mills and Lawrence - Any Ideas?

Hello! We are taking my Aunt out next weekend for her 76th birthday. We don't want to have to go far for her sake. She just moved to Don Mills and Lawrence and we don't know the area. Any recommendations for a Saturday lunch? Thank you to all who reply.

Anyone remember Sunshines at Bayview and Sheppard?

Hello there...

Does anyone know what is in the location that used to be Sunshines at Bayview Village? (in the parking lot) Is it still a restaurant and do you think it would be acceptable for a simple lunch for some Seniors?

Thank you!

miller tavern-a review

Thanks for the review. I had been very curious about what it was like. I am sure it has changed since 'the day'. I have a hard time imagining what fine dining in the place that used to sell us bad ten cent draft would be like! Sigh, those were the days hahaha. I suddenly feel old.

'Cupcake Love' in Niagara

sigh..... all I wanted to know was if they were tasty.... : (

'Cupcake Love' in Niagara

Hello... I just found this bakery and was wondering has anyone tried their cupcakes?

They look delicious.

Here is their website.....

Horseshoe Valley bound.... where to eat?

We are headed up to Horseshoe next week.... can anyone recommend any places to eat (or for that matter shop etc) while we are there? We will have two kids with us, but they are quite accustomed to eating out. Thank you in advance for your help!

A weekend in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Hey Antin... I agree totally. I hear there is an amazing place at highway 20 and Pelham Road for baked goods and cakes. The guy there makes one mean cappucino too. (wink wink)

Best Steak in Collingwood/Blue Mountain

Torontovore... you are lucky! We went to Ted's, waited over an hour for our food on a seemingly not busy night, with no explaination of why, or even an offer to refill our drink. When we finally got our food it was AWFUL. Truly the worst meal I have ever had. (and being a mom, usually anything anyone ELSE cooks is fine with me!) I was looking so forward to it and it was so very disappointing. On a brighter note, the B&B we stayed at, Irish Mountain, right near there, was wonderful, I'd highly recommend it!

Greek food in Burlington or Niagara area?

Any rec's for Greek food in these areas? I have a hankering! Thanks in advance!

St. Catharines private party room for 25

My suggestions... not sure what type of food you are looking for but here are some ideas.... one in St. Catharines and some close by ideas too....

Fresco on Fourth Ave has adequate food and a nice back room apart from the main dining area

About ten minutes South of St. Catharines just over from the 406 is Wildflower in Fonthill will reserve a large area for you... we have had several parties there

Right across the road from Wildflower is The Urban in Fonthill, also has a side room, I am sure it can be made available for a party and it is totally seperate from the main area.

If you don't mind going south, the Old Bank Restaurant in Fort Erie has a party area, as I remember their food is quite good. I have been to Christmas parties there.

Not sure if Zest in Fonthill will book parties HOWEVER... if you are trying to compare apples to apples be sure to call and talk to them. The food at the places I mentioned is good, but not of the calibre of Treadwell's standard. Zest however, is fair competition to Treadwell.

Hope it goes well for you!

Niagara Falls- Best Authentic Pizza? That delivers?

sorry for my terrible advice.

Valentine's Day Chocolates

Totally not in the area you mentioned but the chocolates I DREAM about come from a little place called Nigh's Chocolates south of Niagara Falls off the QEW at the Sodom Road exit. (think heading towards the Peace Bridge) They are made on premise and are realllllllllllly good. Priced reasonably and people come from all over to go there. Just a thought in case you ever find yourself in Niagara. (PS the dark chocolates are the best of course)