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Has anyone used the buddha's hand fruit?

Buddha's Hand Citron is great in creme brulee, too. It has a sweet spiciness (kind of jasmine topnotes and some kind of fruitcake spice undertones) that blends really well -- I use it where I want the brightness of citrus without the overt character of lemon.

Buddha's Hands are notoriously unpredictible in keeping. If you get a fresh one, it might last for two weeks, just sitting out...or, you may come back after two days to find it completely covered in white fuzz. I find it's best to keep them in the fridge, in a container that breathes (brown paper bag, or just sitting out). You can cut off the moldy parts and use the rest, and because most Buddha's Hands have sweet pith, you can use the whole fruit.

Buddha's Hands are extremely frost-sensitive, so while native to China, in the US they are mostly grown in California's Central Valley, near Fresno. Whole Foods is probably able to offer such a great price because they can buy in bulk, for multiple stores. We (I work with Hangar One) purchase them wholesale from farmers for $3 each.

Jan 02, 2008
taqsim in Home Cooking

Foot Fetish

I also come from a dancing community, where people are accustomed to changing from their street shoes into dancing shoes that won't harm or mar the dance floor. I guess that's parallel with the slippers thing.

Jun 05, 2007
taqsim in Features

Foot Fetish

I agree with it being inappropriate for people to have to remove their shoes at formal parties.

If you are holding a party or having friends over, I think it's only fair to let people know beforehand that you ask that no shoes be worn inside the house—much as say, if you keep an alcohol-free home, you would let people know so they don't feel uncomfortable when they show up with a bottle of wine.

With regards to floor finishing.... The former occupant of my Victorian apartment clearly had a thing for stilettos, and the floor is pock-marked. I think my floor is some kind of fir, but even hardwoods have a hard time withstanding that kind of weight distribution. I think if someone enters your home with shoes that you know will cause damage, you have every right to ask them either to remove their shoes or to modify their walk appropriately—as much right as you have to ask them not to smoke in your home. Alternately, as a guest, it's important to consider such things beforehand, and reach out if possible, so you can plan alternatives.

Jun 05, 2007
taqsim in Features

Northern California (Willits, Garberville, Eureka)

It's only an hour from Santa Rosa, but a really great little spot in Ukiah is OcoTime (Japanese). It's at 111 W Church St. There's also an organic brew pub downtown on the corner of State & Perkins—the food is good but pricey, and the local wines are, um, better than the in-house brews, in my opinion. Also, both Ukiah and Willits have really great natural food co-ops. The one in Willits is right on the main street, and there's a green empty lot behind it where you can have an impromptu picnic.

May 17, 2007
taqsim in California