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The Ubergeeks are moving to north OC!

Darya in Orange on Tustin Blvd. Great Persian food. Lamb and filet mignon are a must.
Mitsuyoshi in Stanton for Japanese food. Just a little place in a shopping strip mall, but its really good.
Ditto on Anita's for New Mexico food. Carne Adovada and Sopapillas hmmm.....
Ditto on TAPS in Brea for seafood and steaks
Ditto on Summit House for prime rib

Layover at the Seattle Airport

Just across from the airport is 13 Coins, and it's open 24 hours.

Kind of pricey, but good steaks and italian food. I like the calamari steak. When traveling alone, I like to take seat at the counter. People either love this place or hate it.

The Great Doughnut Round-up

I'br been a big fan of Bob's, Stan's, and the Donutman. Based on this thread, I made a first trek last week to Primo's to try the BMB.

OMG. The BMB is outstanding and I can't wait for an excuse to get back up there. I also had a glazed twist. I don't know that I would make a special trip for the twist, but it was very good. I don't know if it was clearly the best, but I can't say I had a better glazed donut.

Thanks for leading me to Primo's!

Looking for British food in the OC

Summit House in Fullerton fashions itself after an English Inn. Very good dining experience.

Near LAX, lunch wasteland?

George Petrelli's Steakhouse is just north of you. His uncle Joe's restaurant just up the street (which is now closed) was always busy with aerospace engineers in its hey day. George does an equally good job. The steak sandwich for lunch is a winner!

Aunty Kizzy's Back Porch in Marina del Rey is great for southern food.

Where is the best mexican meat market for carne asada?

I live on the border of LA and Orange counties, so anything within 25 miles of the 605 freeway would be appreciated. I plan on freezing and vacuum packing this stuff to take on a trip where we'll be cooking over an open fire. I wanted something easy to do, but tastes great.