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Help Please - French restaurant around Yonge and College

That's the one. Thanks!

Help Please - French restaurant around Yonge and College

I need some help coming up with the name of a French restaurant that's located one block west of Yonge around College. I think the street is a one way going north.
Anyone know?
Also wondering if you've been there, is it any good?

Healthy-ish food and patio?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good restaurant (veg or otherwise) that serves healthy food with a liquor license and has a nice, quiet patio?

Hungarian, Polish or Ukranian Restaurants in West End

I too love Amber. Great little family run restaurant. We love the cabbage rolls and potato pancakes.

Pleasant dinner at Batifole

I actually think I did try the best fish I've ever had. Great wine, great food, great service.
Highly recommend.

Beach Eats: Let's Be Honest

Haven't tried The Cottage yet only because on the surface it doesn't look enjoyable. The decor is quite poor. Decor doesn't usually sway me when I'm looking for a quick lunch but this is just so bland that I don't go in. I walk by it all the time and its empty. I think there's a trend in the hood that business owners from outside the neighbourhood think 'the beaches' it's always busy and I'll make a fortune and that's just not true. This neighbourhood is cheap (unless we're talking mortgages) and has a hard time welcoming 'newbies' that don't come with a well established brand name. This neighbourhood, in my opinion, is reaching a crisis point as far as business goes so I although I'm all for new restaurants coming in, if you want to make it, either you're well branded through-out the city (I love the beach but remember who you're talking too...that silly squabble of 'the beach' or 'the beaches' This hood is very trendy and 'wannabe' even though most living here would fight me on that statement.) or you have to offer something original. And even then, if you're not 40.00 for dinner, good luck.

Beach Eats: Let's Be Honest

This is in response to an above posting re: Quigley's.

Just so you know, I was one of those mean brunettes (no desire to be Demi Moore however) for quite some time and you don't start out mean working at Quig's. You become mean while working at Quig's. I became mean shortly after starting there and having to apologize to my tables over and over because their brunch was taking over an hour. I became really mean when I learned that my tipout to the kitchen was actually going to the owners, on top of tipping out 'the house! Not the customers fault, I know, but the nicer I am, the more often customers will come back and I don't want them to succeed.
Nice enough customers but ragingly rude lunatic sometimes twice daily regulars, and even more raging, lunatic owners. I wouldn't eat there knowing what I know. Love the staff, outside of work they're all really good people but Holy Dysfunction! Don't even get me started on the blonds they hire.
Needless to say, one day I decided not to go to work and never showed up again.

Workhorse restaurants near Queen & Bathurst?

I went to Terroni the other day and had a very bland meal. The mushroom appetizer, as usual, was great but my salad was sparse, to be generous and the roasted red peppers were so sweet that I might use the word repulsive to describe them and the the pasta was really boring and bland. This is my second visit and second bad experience since they expanded. We use to love going there. Not to mention it seems to have become popular for a family (kids) outing.
We love going to Swan, Fressen (hit and miss with the dishes though - phylo mushroom dish is really good) and Niagara Street Cafe - a little out of the area you're speaking of but a truly excellent little restaurant.

Amato in Leslieville

I looked online and there's no info to purchase your own franchise so it appears as though it's one owner, various locations - I could be mistaken on this though. Regardless, with the failure to pay employees, I also found various health violations from the City of Toronto. They're old (2001) violations from a certain location but coupled with the pay issue, which outrages me as a former server, I hope that people stay away. So franchise or not, there's obviously no rules for franchisees regarding business practice and that comes from the top down.

Amato in Leslieville

It shouldn't matter how good the pizza is or how easy to access, Amato's is known for poor business practice and I refuse to support anyone who doesn't pay their employees. Regardless of if it's been resolved by now or not.

pub fare & Allen's

I used to work here so you may choose not to believe me but seriously, The Abbot On The Hill (summerhill location) has great food. I worked there for a year, knew what went on in the kitchen, and still ate there religiously. Everything is made fresh. Tons of import beer. Good luck getting a table though. Since I left, it's turned into a zoo it's so busy. Great burger, the buffalo shrimp are totally addictive....I could go on. Best Schnitzel. It's pounded really really thin. Ribs. Everything is good. Well no, the veg chili is boring.

Toronto's Best Mexican?

Guess we got lucky.
Maybe there are two Mexican places on bayview? I can't remember the name but I googled it and this was the only one I could find...
Oh well. Just have to keep making my own Mexican.

Nice eats at Beaches or near lake for stroll...

i live in the beach and agree that the food, for the most part, sucks. Couple words of advice for all of you who will be coming by this summer.
Peppino's was good and is now closed. Something has opened in its place but i haven't been yet.
Burritto's from The Happy Sailor are pretty good for a snack type meal.
Wings at the Lion on the Beach are fair if you get hungry while sitting on the patio.
Quigley's is ok-ish pub food but the service is, by far, the worst in the city when the patio opens up. Expect to wait up to 1 1/2 hours for your food in summer and expect the smell of trash wafting over the patio. And their beer on tap is, well....just order bottles and be safe.
Pomegranate is very good and nice to sit in.
Brunch is good at Shananigans (Sp?) but don't ask for any alterations on anything. When asked to add some spice to a dish, we were told 'the chef serves it as he likes to serve it'
I've always had good everything at A-ki-da and Japango.
Eggplant is always full these days so it must be doing something right.
Coffee at The Remarkable Bean is the best in the strip of endless coffee shops. Their Quiche is quite tasty as well.
Edward Levesque is a sure thing. Awesome brunch.
Pulp Kitchen is really good.
Tomi-Kro is highly overrated! Rude servers. We were the second people in an hour to ask for our bill because we wanted to leave after spending 200.00 on dinner and being treated as an inconvience (and I'm a bartender, I'm very polite in restaurants). Never left a bad tip before in my life till dinner there.

Where is the best Mexican in Toronto?

Just found this a couple months ago. Really really really good. Fiesta Azteca - 1618 Bayview Avenue. Charming service.

Toronto's Best Mexican?

the best mexican in toronto is Fiesta Azteca - 1618 Bayview Avenue
great service, great flavors, family run I think.
i've been to El Sol a few times and after yet another ok tasting meal with crappy service - the entire staff sat down to eat while the restaurant was still about 30% full - i won't be going back after discovering this fabulous mexican restaurant.