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The Least Chowish ISO Ever: Reser's Red Hot Beef Burrito

I bought them at the Wal-Mart at Warden and Eglinton but it was over a year ago.

Kraft Cheese in a Blue Tin/Can (made in Saudi Arabia or Middle East)

I have tried to melt this cheese and from what I recall it does not melt well. This was a number of years ago so hence my reply.

"Canadian" Food!!??

The Colony is no longer there. It is now a Greek restaurant.

ISO London Broil

Try Kostas Meat Market and Deli - 251 Ellesmere Rd-Scarborough Ontario
They make a London Broil that is exactly what you are looking for and it is
EXCELLENT...I have it it from there many times.

News for Shawarma fans that frequent Lawerence/Warden area

I believe Farhat's has moved to another location in the same area.

2020 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R2Z1, CA

Port-Salut cheese

you can also find it in Costco at the Scarborough location..Warden and Ellesmere

Farmer's booth on Birchmount Road, Agincourt

The booth has been gone for a long time....the corn people remained for awhile but not sure if they are still there....if corn is what you want then try Brimley and Ellesmere
just north of Ellesmere on Brimley(west side).

Where to buy delicious mango mousse cake?

Try Costco. I bought one last week at the Costco in Scarborough off Warden Ave. It was very good and not too sweet and full of mango flavor.

so bad...yet so good...

try Arz Bakery on Lawrence Ave E at Warden Ave...the Baklava is
good and fresh...

Most underrated food

Nando's Chicken has chicken livers on their menu and the order comes
with a Portuguese bun. You can order it as mild, medium, hot or extra hot.

Store that specializes in British goods?

I saw the Jacobs Club Orange bars at the Bulk Barn in the Scarborough Town Centre
last Friday. Hope this helps if you have not found them as yet.

Clark beans

You won't believe this but try The Bargain Store. I was in Fenelon Falls last week and saw them there. I know there is a location in Scarborough at Kennedy Ave and Lawrence Ave. I believe it is called the White Sheild plaza.

MacLaren's Imperial Sharp Cold Pack Cheddar Cheese

Costco has the cheese in a 3 pack for about $10.00.

Hakka cuisine in Toronto?

try Spicy Dragon at Kennedy and Lawrence. I think you will enjoy it.

Best Sharwma in the GTA

try Ameer Family Restaurant - 2034 Lawrence Ave is just after the Tim Horton's
at Warden and Lawrence....the sharwma is not MESSY like all the other ones out there .Enjoy......

Finally found my way out of pizza-delivery hell - I'm BONA-fied!

EXCELLENT you just have to tell where Bona's Pizza is? I have to try it NOW... thanks

Goan Food and Shrimp Curry! -- Where in GTA??

I did not know it was closed in Mississauga. He did however open a place in the east end at morningside and ellesmere. east on Ellesmere on the north side in a strip plaza. Will try and get an exact location for you if he is even still there????

Goan Food and Shrimp Curry! -- Where in GTA??

try Dom's Kitchen in Mississauga....they do prawn curry and fish is a Goan
restaurant. Location is 1177 Central Parkway West, unit # 9, Golden Square Centre.

Ali's Tandoori Curry House on Queen St E

Has anyone out there tried this place????? I think it is fairly new and considered in the
Beach area.

Sultan no match for the King (Samosa King)

When did they change their name from Embassy to Samosa King?

lunch today - don mill and eg hope this will help. I found the place very good for East Indian food.

lunch today - don mill and eg

have you tried Iqbal 's which is off Thorncliffe Park Dr across from the mall and
near the Mosque. I do not know the name of the street.

Chinese-Indian Hakka restaurant: Lin Garden

Lin Garden is ok....but I suggest you guys try a place at Kennedy and Lawrence called
Spicy Dragon...I think the food is Excellent...I have tried just about every Hakka Chinese restaurant in Scarborough...

Chennai restaurant in Scarborough

the location at Woodside has been open for awhile.McCowan and Finch.

Old Dutch

I'm sure I just saw them on the weekend in a Food Basics grocery store.

Bar-be-que Hut in India Bazaar

DITTO!!!!!!!! everything tastes the does that happen????????

kebabs (east end)

you can get the Korean Ribs at a place called Marcie's Foods on Sheppard Ave E
and Brian Dr...not far from Fairview Mall..they are amazing and good prices.

kebabs (east end)

where are you located in the east end???? there is a butcher at warden and ellesmere
called Kostas Meats...Greek butcher...they have a good selection of kebabs and meats
the london broil is worth trying...


has anyone been there lately?

Can anyone identify this burger?

chili and bacon????? maybe also fried onions??????