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Best all you can eat or by doz. crabhouses in MD/VA?

Would appreciate your favorites by quality, price...

Best MD/VA roadside crab sellers & vs Maine Ave.

Anyone have locations the best roadside cooked or fresh crab sellers are at, times, days, prices, they compare to those at Maine Ave. market in DC?

Pete's Apizza and Tarbouche

Thanks for all responses so far everyone!

Pete's Apizza and Tarbouche

Pete's Apizza in Columbia Heights, DC and Tarbouche Mediterranean Grill on Lee Highway
in Arlington..anybody been and reviews?

Best sub/sandwich shops

Travelling from Frederick, MD on rte. 15 , to I-83 Harrisburg, PA, then I-81 to NY State line,
can anyone recommend the best sub/sandwich shops enroute?..thanks!

May 17, 2007
rell in Pennsylvania