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New Northern joint in Chinatown 2 (long review)

I think the flavour in the spring roll sauce was ginger - at least, that was the unexpected flavour that we tasted. We also had (and liked) the octopus balls and the duck. I forgot about trying the fish and cabbage soup, but it sounds awesome so we'll have to go back.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions and reviews. We really enjoyed KanBai.

Apr 26, 2012
elvi in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Vietnamese Coffee Ice Pops

Seems to me the Vietnamese iced coffee I've tasted had cardamom in it too. I bet that would make a nice addition to these.

Jul 26, 2011
elvi in Recipes

Cake decorations and supplies

It's called Papillon, and they do have a good selection. They rent lots of Wilton cake pans in special shapes, too.

Does anybody know of a place NOT in the West Island, and preferably close to Villeray, that rents cake pans?

Jun 14, 2010
elvi in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

"ANIMAL, VEGETABLE, MIRACLE - A Year in the Life of Food" Barbara Kingsolver's new book

I just finished it and did really enjoy it, despite some disjointedness as other readers have reported. I've read a lot of Kingsolver's fiction, and I don't find that this was a letdown in terms of writing skill. Definitely somewhat preachy, much like Prodigal Summer was actually, but I loved the premise and enjoyed seeing how it worked out.

I especially enjoyed daughter Camille's essays, actually, though I noticed a few errors in her recipes.

I'd love to know which grocery store Kingsolver was talking about in Montreal. She mentions a Lebanese grocery with a wall of fresh cheese along the back of the store. Sounds almost like Akhavan, except that's Iranian. Is Adonis Lebanese? Or Mourelatos? Any ideas, anybody?

May 16, 2007
elvi in Food Media & News