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Nothing on Antoine's Restaurant

Agreed! While Antoine's didn't blow my mind after a week of fabulous eating in your fine city, I really enjoyed the day drinking in a lovely restaurant with impeccable service. I might have been a little disappointed if I had given a precious dinner spot to Antoine's, but lunch was perfectly enjoyable.

Aug 17, 2015
IPAforBreakfast in New Orleans

Bay Area - I need your help

Right? Two years in Tokyo would have me craving anything cheesy as well.

American Grilled Cheese Kitchen just might hit the comfort spot. 2400 Harrison Street in the Mission and I think they have another one downtown.

Rosso Pizzeria+Wine Bar - Santa Rosa

Just want to post a recent update on Rosso. Stopped by last night on the long slog home down 101 during Memorial Day traffic. Great selection of wine by the glass, very friendly service, and the pizza was on point. We had the shaved asparagus pizza with ricotta and lemon zest - crispy and delicious. Split a meatball and buccatini, sauce was a little watery but bright and flavorful. Meatballs were tasty and moist. Finished with an arugula and artichoke salad. All in all, we couldn't have been more happy with our meal. Rosso is definitely going on our list of North Bay favorites. Like RWCFoodie above, I'm kind of glad they are an hour away from home - if it was closer I could see myself there weekly.

A review: Stan's Donut Shop in Santa Clara

I work in Santa Clara and these donuts occasionally grace our Friday morning meetings. I have to agree with the OP that when warm, these are hands down the best glazed donuts I have ever had. I am ruined now that I know their address.

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

Local Butcher's sandwich of the day is usually pretty good.

Looking for Petit Fours in SF

Neldam's...which I believe is now called Taste of Denmark in Oakland usually has them.

The Good Hop Bottle Shop - Oakland

The Good Hop opened over the summer. They don't serve food except for a few bar snacks, so no kids, which is a welcome respite for this poster. You can bring in your own food though and the bartender will help you pick a beer to pair with it. I think of it as a very mellow, relaxing, civilized place to explore different types of beer. You can drink anything out of the coolers for just a $1 corkage - a bargain if you do the math. The tap list is always interesting and ever changing, specializing in California craft beer that you don't see in many other bars.

east bay burger with short ribs in the mix?

Telegraph (Oakland, Telegraph & 23rd ish) also does a 50/50 burger.

Anyone else getting tired of "new" Craft Beer, Gourmet Burgers & 3rd Wave Coffee joints in Bay Area?

I've found the enjoyment of Trumer is dependent on the glass. Served in a typical pint glass, yes, it tastes skunky. However if it is served in a narrow glass with straight sides (looks kind of like a test tube) it tastes delightful and refreshing.

Question about making a seafood stew with crawfish

That stew looks delicious - I'm definitely making it with dungeness crab when the season opens up.

Another vote for pre-cooked tails. I've eaten enough cioppino to know that in the shell + red broth = a huge mess. Though it would look stunning. Also, maybe crawfish are smaller in California but I remember making a crawfish etoufee with my father once...we spent an entire afternoon picking meat out of 10# of crawfish only to get a little less than a pound of meat.

Sep 30, 2014
IPAforBreakfast in New Orleans

"Only in New Orleans" info request

Thank you all for your replies and the gulf fish education. I'm so excited to leave tomorrow morning I can't sit still. Looks like I picked a great city to blow a years worth of gym and dieting.

Sep 30, 2014
IPAforBreakfast in New Orleans

"Only in New Orleans" info request

Hello gracious and hospitable Chowhounders!

I'll be visiting your fair city for the first time next week and can barely contain my excitement. I've reseached past threads for inspiration but still have a couple of questions that I'd like to throw out to the board.

Basics: I'll be staying in the Bywater for 6 nights. No car but willing to walk, cab, or take public transportation anywhere within the city. Price point isn't a concern, but I also don't feel I have to spend a ton of money to have an enjoyable meal. No food restrictions and just so you know where my palate is coming from, my Chowhound haunts are in San Francisco/Oakland. I have reservations at Commander's Palace and Galatoire's, so my Grande Dames are covered. My goal is to experience what is unique to the region.

1. Gulf fish - I like my fish local but I know nothing about gulf fish. What is the difference between black drum, pompano, and sheephead? When the menu says "gulf fish" with out specifying, what do they usually mean?
2. Oysters - I'm addicted to West Coast kumamoto and sweetwaters but want to gorge myself in your local varieties. I prefer raw but open to other preparations. Where would be a good spot to explore your bivalves?
3. Foie Gras - I can probably get black tar heroin easier than foie. Where would you recommend I get my fatty goose liver fix?
4. Crawfish and soft shell crabs - I fear that I'm out of season for both, but might have a chance at some late season soft shell crab. Any favorite spots to enjoy them?
5. Beer - I love it craft and local. Any new small breweries open? Of course I'll sample Abita's wares, but was hoping for something more interesting.
6. Bywater - Bacchannal is definitely on my list. Any other spots recommended?
7. Unique to NOLA - Muffuletta, po'boy, pralines, beignets, coffee with chicory, gumbo, red beans, etoufee, jambalaya....what am I missing?

Thank you in advance for reading my ramblings!

Late night dining in SF -3am-?

Sure! If you are in the terminals take the crossover walkway to the parking garage, then take the elevator to the first floor. Once out of the elevator just start walking to the center of the garage (the garage is round). You will soon see 100+ taxis parked and waiting in the center. You may have to step up and over a curb or two....but just walk over to where there appears to be a tunnel. The truck is in the tunnel. There will be a lot of cabbies waiting around, should be fairly obvious once you get there.

Late night dining in SF -3am-?

I work at SFO and have been to the truck several times. Not sure of the hours but I've had breakfast to late lunch there. It is by far the least expensive place to eat in the airport. Like you said, it is a real roach coach, but the food is good. Nothing extravagant or revelatory, but decent roach coach food that you are not afraid to eat. Rice plates, chicken skewers, breakfast burritos, burgers, malibu chicken....sometimes the rice plates veer in to the creative arena (lemongrass chicken instead of teriyaki).

Bread- East Bay

Morrell's Bread at the Berkeley Farmers market. I'm used to Acme that needs to be eaten within 36 hours - Morrell's stayed awesome for 4-5 days.

Special occasion vegetarian friendly restaurant in the East Bay?

Penrose on Lakeshore had enough fish and veggie options to make a very nice meal.

Scratch that, just looked at the menu again and if you are vegetarian you only have salad and flat bread options.

I really enjoyed the trout for 2 which must be why I have fond memories of that dinner.

Pub to sample California Microbrews

Solid suggestions. I'd add in the Good Hop (Telegraph/24th, Oakland) that recently opened their doors. 14 taps of California brews plus 9 reach-ins with hundreds of different bottles. Probably a good 90% of the bottles are Californian and you can drink them on premises for a $1 corkage (cappage?) fee. The bartenders are extremely knowledgable and love to talk about beer.

I almost hate to mention them because it hasn't gotten too crowded yet - but I want them to be around forever. It is a nice relaxing place to explore beer.

Pork or Chicken Buns for Tonight - Oakland Chinatown

Shan Dong 328 10th St, Oakland, CA 94607

Replacements for retired favorites?

Truffles from Cocolat on Shattuck in Berkeley. I know it has been closed for probably 20 years, but is the standard by which I judge all truffles and I've yet to have anything better.

Molcajete in Oakland - any hound reports?

I had the molcajete a couple of weeks ago and thought it was delicious. It was huge. Next time I'll just get some guacamole/chips and split it with my wife. It gets better every layer you go down. Grilled meats, shrimp and onions on top, then a layer of nopales, cheese, beans, and rice at the bottom. Rice got carmelized like dol sot bibimbap. I would order again in a long as i had someone to help me eat it.

Loved their tortas too!

Are there any restaurants in the Bay Area with kid play areas?

Denica's in Dublin, not sure about their other 2 locations

Kauffman and Birdsall: 22 Hottest Mexican Restaurants in the Bay Area

I thought the EB recommendations were good. I've been to Comal, Cosecha, and Nido multiple times and will definitely go back. Tried Molcajete for the first time last week and was really, really, really happy. The cochinita pibil was fantastic. As we were walking out the door I told my wife that I thought we had just found our new favorite mexican restaurant.

...until I check out the other places on the list.

Slovenian sausage???

My wife is from Cleveland and we fill a small suitcase with various sausages from the Westside Market on the way to the airport on every visit. Slovenian sausages are a favorite!

I can't say that I've seen it here for sure, but if I was going to try to find it I'd start in the eastern European markets on Geary out in the around 19th-21st.

We're fans of the New World Market (5641 Geary Blvd
) but it is primarily Russian. You also might have luck finding something close at Seakor Polish Deli and Sauasage factory (5957 Geary Blvd

Box and Bells Eating House - Oakland

Sure. However "grilled pain mie soldiers" is not what I want to sop up juice with. If I pay $5 for a bread product it better be special and I'm going to enjoy it as its own dish with the garlic confit. Both dishes I mentioned, and I'd throw in the scallops too, were served with delicious sauces/broth that were wasted because there was not an accompanying starch or bread to bring it to the mouth. The few small pieces of flat bread that came with the mussels were too dense to even absorb the broth. Obviously I am not a fan of the restaurant trend eliminating gratis bread and I stand by my assertion that it should be available upon request.

Box and Bells Eating House - Oakland

We went a week or so ago....

Blood sausage poutine - very good
Sea scallops - excellent
Pate de maison - average (but I'm getting burned out on this item)
Mussels tikka masala - my wife loved them, I liked the sauce but the mussels were too big for my personal tastes.
Butter bourbon pudding - good
Pear and fennel cobbler - fantastic

I agree with psb above, some bread would have been very nice with the left over blood sausage sauce and mussel broth. I think at $10+ a small plate they can slide me a couple slices of a baguette.

I really liked the look of the space, the chairs were comfortable, lighting a little dark for menu reading but I'm sure made me look more attractive to my dining companion. The noise was a factor that inhibited conversation. I know it is cheaper to just paint an open ceiling black, but dang it makes it hard to even hear the servers much less your dining companion. All that said, I'm sure I'll come back in a couple weeks.

Where can I buy salty ( or even better-double salted) black licorice?

I've been able to find some at Powell's Candy in Berkeley
3206 College Avenue Berkeley, Ca 94705

Molly Stones usually has some too.

I adore salty licorice. Someone brought me a chocolate bar from Europe that had little salty lilcorice nibs in it....delicious!

Umami Burger in Oakland [split thread]

I went for dinner last week and agree that the burgers are tasty and cooked perfect. I also ordered medium rare and got a pink and juicy burger. Sometimes it feels like actually receiving medium rare burger is like finding a unicorn. I split a truffle burger and the queso fundido burger. It is hard not to like the one with chorizo more, but I'd have to say that the queso was was barely noticable. Maybe they were running low on cheese sauce because our "manly" fries were barely drizzled with the cheese sauce too. The fries were good but totally not worth a $3 upcharge. They have a full bar and decent beer selection.

I'll definitely go back when I'm craving a burger and only medium rare will do....but I'll probably be more likely to visit Trueburger for half the price.

Need good outdoor Happy Hour spot in Oakland tonight

Brotzeit Lokal has a lovely patio on the water.

Comparing some Berkeley BBQ

I could be mistaken, but I seem to remember a fine grind on the E&J links. However I do know that the course grind links that they sold at Flint's can be bought at Taylor's Sausage located in Swan's Market.


Just spent the weekend in West Sonoma county and while it wasn't our orignial intention, we basically followed the itinery in this article. Absolutely fantastic. Barley & Hops in Occidental was a perfect Friday night brew pub dinner....nothing crazy fancy but solid beer drinking food, good stuff on tap and friendly bar staff. The wineries (Merry Edwards, Lynmar, and Iron Horse) were relaxed and inviting. Dinner at Zazu was delicious....halibut cheeks over asparagus in a butter caper sauce, pork belly poutine that will surely raise my cholesterol for months, and peanut butter cookie ice cream sandwiches that you dip in hot fudge! Oh yes!! If you can, the cedar enzyme treatment at Osmosis is amazing.