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Veil Brunch

Thanks for tell us. I have been wanting to eat there, but too much $$$$$. This is a tasty option. Thanks.

SEA: Need recs for a great sicilian-american/italian-american place

La Vita e Bella. Run by Siclians, It's in Belltown (trendy) and has a nice atmosphere and is fun.

They also own Mondello

If you're looking for hearty Italian/American, then I guess you'd go to Buca di Beppo. I've never gone there, but it's a big party joint.

Welcome to Seattle!

Puff Pastry, Where to Buy in Seattle

Pacific Imports has puff pastry, but I think it's frozen.

Just go ahead and call your favorite bakery, say you're looking for fresh all-butter pastry and you wonder if they know where to find it. I'm sure they would be glad to advise.

Hope you make something good!

Breakfast in Seattle/Bellevue

I like Rave on Capitol Hill. Usually go for the duck omelet and the brioche on the side. For something downhome but not greasy, I go to Issaquah cafe for omelets or Swedish pancakes.

Seattle - crab season

Checked out recipes of Singapore Pepper crab and discovered secret ingredient. Butter! Also, it's deep-fat fried. I'm sure that's a yummy combo. Here's a recipe with Dungeness crab that's easy (and not deep-fried).

Portland vs. Seattle

Yes, I did see Toriano in the Girl about Town thing. She made it sound recently opened or maybe it was my careless reading. Doesn't sound that exciting from what y'all say.

Portland vs. Seattle

Okay, I admit we ate at Wong Kee seafood restaurant. After reading your remarks on sanitation, will never go there again. Thanks for warning.

We did not have an option since we only had time to walk around downtown and look for a place. We figured, well, at least Wong Kee has a Chinese name. Also we peeked in and saw that most of the food was steamed, not fried. And they had a seafood tank so maybe the food was fresh (at other places it looked like it had been sitting). Plus, we were the only non-Asians, so we figured that was a good sign. If there is better way to pick a Chinese restaurant, let me know. We are Italian and we love Chinese food.

I understand the best Chinese places in Portland are on 82nd, no? This is in suburbs? Names please! Will go there next time.

Wong's wasn't bad. Perhaps we came at good time, when food was just coming out. We were surprised as it was Sunday and there were no lines anywhere. In Seattle we would have had to wait. Everybody was nice and we enjoyed our visit to the city. Wedged in visit to Powells, of course.

In any case, I was asking about the food scene iin general, not the Chinese food scene. Sorry for confusion. So anybody got an opinion on that? What are pros and cons? As in:

Seattle pros
Chinese (yes, it's better in Richmond, B.C., but too far to drive, okay?)
Indian (on Eastside near Microsoft)
Whatever you'd call Lark, Veil, Crow (and other places I can't afford to eat!)
Yummy neighborhood breakfast places, such as 5 Spot
Dahlia Lounge etc.

Seattle cons
Italian food (except newly opened Taorina, I've heard, where Bill Gates & Bill Clinton recently spotted. But we still don't have any true traittorias, just high-end or spaghetti western. Well, La Spiga maybe, but nothing I just love)
French. Getting better, but again nothing that I just adore. And I am a chowhound!
Jewish delis
Pizza (did love Tutta Bella, but quality way down since expansion. And no more Pancetta pizza, my favorite).

Again, I am no expert on Portland. That's why I'm asking. What'dya got? What do you wish you had?

Portland vs. Seattle

I was just in Portland, where I had a nice dim sum in a Chinatown full of stripper clubs.

I was amused to see in the local alternative paper that the NYT has been talking up Portland as the next big dining experience. The alternative paper had a wonderful time of mocking Seattle as tired and passe as a result.

I have only eaten in Portland a few times and not in the Pearl or anywhere trendy. I like the idea of the microbrewies etc., but wonder since Portland is so much smaller if it can really compete with the Seattle restaurant scene.

What say you all? Portland or Seattle? Which is best?

Do you read local restaurant reviews? (Seattle)

Greenwood Mandarin is in Eastgate, not Bellevue, close to my house! Thanks for pointing it out. The review made me so hungry. I have a feeling that this weekend I will be headed over there.

[SEA] Need recommendation for moderately priced Italian

Spokane - Fine Dining Recs?

I really like the newly opened Steam Plant Grill I had the halibut with coconut sauce recently and it was tasty. The restaurant is located in an old steam plant, just as you'd think, beautifully restored with a high tech firm on the top floor.

Also try Cassano's for really nice Italian meats and cheeses. Antony's has a spectacular view but I prefer the food at Clinkerdaggers.

I also like the two Greek restaurants in Post Falls: the White House and the Oval Office (same owner). For a romantic dinner, drive to Coeur d'Alene and try the Cedars (a floating restaurant) or the Coeur d'Alene Hotel.

Spokane has far fewer chain restaurants than Phoenix; most are small and locally grown.

Top Chef-is anyone else upset about how they are sending home contestants?!?!

If Howie were a great chef, he would not let sweat drip into the food. I'm surprised he wasn't eliminated just for that. Eew.

International Distict Can't Miss?

I recommend Hing Loon (order off the wall) for fresh seafood. Jade Garden for dim sum (all my Chinese friends go there, which is why the line is so long). I agree with all the other choices and you all have made me very hungry.

Aug 22, 2007
Italian Woman in Greater Seattle

Funky, artsy (maybe italian) restaurant, seattle

Send your sister to Osteria La Spiga on Seattle's Capitol Hill. The owners are from Emilia-Romagna and I just love the piadina, the Romangna flatbread with a glass of wine. I've heard good things about the pastas.

They are popular, so call for a reservation. They just moved into fancy new quarters here;
PHONE: 206-323-8881

ADDRESS: 1429 12th Ave. (12th & Madison)