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Is It Safe to Leave Butter Out at Room Temperature?

We use a butter bell in a 2 person home. I don't really know how quickly we use a stick of butter, but we've been doing it for 3 years. We've never gotten sick from it, it's never tasted weird and it's always perfectly spreadable. I see no problems!

Aug 29, 2011
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help! chili pepper on fingers and have to take out contacts soon

The one time this happened to me, I took my contacts out using my knuckles. I'm not really sure how, but it worked...

Nov 17, 2009
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grocery store sushi

I moved to Dodge City, KS a few months ago. I would KILL for grocery store sushi! There is no sushi in town and of course I crave it weekly now that I can't get it. The nearest sushi is in Wichita, 2.5 hours away. Sadness.

Sep 08, 2009
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DQ Nostalgia

I just miss the Nerd Blizzards! I ate those all the time as a child. It's such a strange combination, and I would probably hate it as an adult.

Apr 21, 2008
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Microwave Pasta Sauce Face-Off

Cheflambo, it looks like you didn't read closely enough. These are reviews of SAUCES, not MEALS. Therefore, the prices are not off. These are different products.

Apr 21, 2008
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Strange Mexican candy

My high school had a very large hispanic population and I remember eating this all the time! We would just put some in our palm, and then do the little lick-your-finger-to-pick-it up move. I never even thought of putting it on anything. Just eat is straight!

Mar 28, 2008
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Cadbury's Turkish Delight bar

I've bought them from my local World Market store, which is pretty much one in the same as CostPlus. This is also the Australian version.

Aug 09, 2007
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Say what you will... I went to the Yard House and was very pleased... AGAIN.

I just went to the location in Kansas City, KS this past weekend. My only complaint is that the beer prices are a little steep. I got a Blue Moon pint and my mom got a couple Michelob Ultra pints. Both of these are fairly cheap beers, but each beer was $4.75, which I think is a complete ripoff for a beer. I know they have so many beers on tap so it's going to be pricey, but I have never paid so much for beer in my life!

Aside from that, it was great. My sister got the Ahi steak sandwich (the waitress was a little rude when she said, "you know Ahi is rare fish, right?!?!), my mom got the enchilada stack and I got the blackened chicken sandwich. It was all very good. The Ahi was so rare and delicious! We expected it to only have a little pink in the middle, but it was seared perfectly. The enchilada stack was a little big, but presented beautifully. The chicken sandwich was well dressed and the fries...the fries are so good. They are very thin, so they are crispy on the outside and still soft on the inside. I won't make a habit of going because it's a little pricey for the fact that it's a casual dining restaurant, but it was very good.

Jun 13, 2007
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Fast Food Special Orders

With grape jelly, oh yes! I love this, and I got this from my aunt, but whenever I mention it, people think I'm weird. It's just something about the high sodium balancing with the sugary "fruit". Yum. Guilty pleasure, of course.

Jun 01, 2007
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Sonic-Full Throttle Energy Slush

My boyfriend recently ordered one of these (a large, albeit I warned him against the huge size) and I had a little sip. I thought it was surprisingly good, given that it's an energy drink. I usually don't like energy drinks, but this one wasn't too bad. It reminded me of an orange flavored freezer pop, you know, the long, skinny ones that you have to snip the top off then push up to eat. Ah, childhood.

May 23, 2007
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Non-Coffee Drinkers Left Out in Workplace

I do drink coffee, but I prefer to drink my cup while I get ready in the morning. Plus, I really prefer not to drink the drip stuff when possible...anyway, to my issue. I work in a very coffee centric office. Coming up the stairs to the suite, the coffee smell always hits you. There always has to be at least one pot (if not two) made at any time of the day. Our budget covers bags of premium coffee at full retail price that we get from a local roaster. Even as a coffee lover, I think it's a little out of hand because of the fact that this is an office, not someones' home. So, now that you know the environment, here is my issue. The office is smallish (less than 20 people), and only about half of those people drink coffee. Those that do drink it at work drink copious amounts in excess of what seems normal. The rest of us have to either make do with the provided water, bring drinks from home, or buy from the vending machines or grab and go places in the area. I personally think that considering there is $100 worth of coffee in the pantry at any given time, there should at least be a few cases of soda in the pantry as well for the rest of us. Budget is not an issue here, as we spend way to much money on some ridiculous things. So, $30 or so a month on soda seems like it wouldn't be too much to ask, considering that we spend way more on coffee. Any opinions?

May 18, 2007
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Food Odors at Work

The only reason I don't like food odors at work is because it smells better than my lunch, so it's purely selfish. I work in a large administrative building at a large university, so we have stranger rules sometimes. The building is kind of old and the smoke detectors have a mind of their own, so they get set off easily. After a few cold weather building wide evacuations due to burning popcorn, it is banned in the building. The city fire marshall has gone so far as to issue a statement saying that any office that sets off the alarm due to popcorn will get a $1000 fine!

May 15, 2007
wannabefoodie in Not About Food