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Suggestions for Ukrainian Village / Bucktown/ Wicker Park Restaurants


I need some Saturday night suggestions for a restaurant in the Ukrainian Village/ Bucktown/ Wicker Park for two 20-something girls to go to that is in the $10-$20 entree range. Preferably somewhere that's fun and most importantly really good food and where wearing jeans would be acceptable. Thanks for any help in advance.

Jun 22, 2007
chifoodie in Chicago Area

Celebration Lunch -Montreal

Sorry, I completely forgot to mention it : Thursday.

Celebration Lunch -Montreal

Hi everyone-

This is my first time posting, but not the first time looking at the great suggestions on this board. I am looking for a restaurant for a lunch to celebrate my graduation from university. I will have about 9 people from out of town in total and it's up to me to pick the restaurant. The top things I am trying to find are:

1. Obviously a restaurant open for lunch (2 PM ish)
2. A place where wearing one's Sunday's attire is not deemed inappropriate or way too overdressed (But it will be a Thursday afternoon)
3. Good atmosphere
4. Excellent food with good portions (I come from a very critical family when it comes to this)
5. Preferably somewhere downtown, the Old Port, or Plateau, but open to suggestions for other locations
6. Not Asian or Asian-inspired

I sincerely appreciate any/all suggestions.

P.S. I have used the search function to no avail because the lunches that come up are usually more casual than I am looking for. Thanks again.