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Cafe Castagna v. Park Kitchen - trying to pick for one night only

Thinking that the prix fixe at Castagna is going to be too fancy for this evening. The Cafe looks perfect anything else on that level that you would recommend? Also, kudos to Portland for closing so many places between Christmas and NYE. It makes it harder for a visitor but it is so nice and reasonable for the employees. Nothing is closed in NYC.

1752 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

Dec 29, 2010
tauer in Metro Portland

Cafe Castagna v. Park Kitchen - trying to pick for one night only

One night only in Portland - an adventurous family of 5. Location is not so much of an issue, but want to have a res (Clyde Common is out bc of that). Le Pigeon was our first choice but they are closed until the New Year. Any opinions? Paley's Place is also an option. Thanks!

Park Kitchen
422 NW 8th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

Le Pigeon
738 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214

Paley's Place
1204 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97209

Cafe Castagna
1758 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

Dec 26, 2010
tauer in Metro Portland

What's New and Great in NOLA?

Been reading about Green Goddess, the American Sector, and Domenica...

What other bars and restaurants are new and great?


Jan 19, 2010
tauer in New Orleans

getting dessert around the new waterfalls?

Is there a great ice cream place, takeout place etc where you could pick something up and then stroll on over to the viewpoints for the Manhattan falls (South Ferry terminal, South Street Seaport, Manhattan side of the Brooklyn bridge, Water St.) ?

I was thinking Chinatown Ice cream factory. I think Dessert Truck is a little far. I would love any suggestions.

Jul 01, 2008
tauer in Manhattan

temporarily living on the uws - iso specialty food shopping

thanks for all the great additions!

Jun 10, 2008
tauer in Manhattan

temporarily living on the uws - iso specialty food shopping

I'm temporarily living on the UWS (for the next 3 weeks) and I'm looking for places to pick up a treat, great veggies, a loaf of bread - really any type of food shopping. I don't need any restaurant recs. Any sort of bakery, grocery store, specialty shop etc. that you can recommend would be much appreciated.

So far I've hit up (or know about):
Levain Bakery
Murray's Sturgeon
Beard Papa
Grom ice cream
Silver Moon Bakery
97th St. Greenmarket
Jacques Torres

Anything I'm missing?

Jun 09, 2008
tauer in Manhattan

Just moved to Cherrydale, Arlington area

WOW! You guys, are amazing. I feel very welcomed and much more oriented to my neighborhod now that I know some places for good eats. I can't wait to get out and start exploring.

Many, many thanks.

Just moved to Cherrydale, Arlington area

I just moved to the Cherrydale neighborhood of Arlington and I'm looking for tasty places (shops, restaurants etc.) close to home. I'd love ANY recs or ideas for the neighborhood or even places in the Rosslyn or Falls Church or Ballston areas. Thanks!

pre theater brunch/lunch?

We've got tickets at 2pm on a Sunday. All my brunch picks seem too far uptown (Barney Greengrass) or too far down town (Prune, Blaue Gans).

Maybe Sarabeth's at CPS or Bar Boulud? Any ideas?

Apr 03, 2008
tauer in Manhattan

pyramid moroccan, open?

is this still open and is it located at 6th and u? i can't find much with a google search on it.

Best Dim Sum in Chinatown

but does dim sum go go do carts?

Jun 05, 2007
tauer in Manhattan

eek!! unexpected super last minute trip to Barcelona

I just learned that I am heading up to Barcelona on Thursday staying through Saturday night. I haven't had a chance to comb the boards (and I'm taking finals) and I don't want to miss anything spectacular. I'm a student so nothing too outrageous price-wise but I am willing to splurge a little. I know about Cal Pep, Cafe Viena, Quimet i Quimet and Pinotxo just from reading about them in the past but besides that I'm a little lost. Please help.

May 29, 2007
tauer in Spain/Portugal

paella in barcelona or madrid?

My parents and my brothers are coming to visit me and of course we have to go out for paella. Problem is, I always eat it at home here in Madrid with the family I am staying with, so I have no clue where to go or which city is better for paella. Any suggestions?

May 28, 2007
tauer in Spain/Portugal

roast suckling pig in madrid? but not at botin!

Is Botin really the best for roast suckling pig and lamb in Madrid? When I went the wait staff were so hurried and the food was good but I would prefer a smaller, not so famous place.

Maybe Asador Tierra Aranda?

Thanks in advance for any comments.

May 28, 2007
tauer in Spain/Portugal

Tapas & Drinks in Madrid and Sevilla

a clara - beer with fanta limon is delicious and refreshing
tinto de verano - red wine spritizer is pretty good too

just so you know the verb is tapear
calle baja and calle alta in la latina in madrid are loaded with bars and always lively, it's a great place to wander getting some jamon serrano here, membrillo and manchego there...

May 27, 2007
tauer in Spain/Portugal

D.C. specialty foods shops

I second Cheestique in Alexandria
Daily Planet Wine and Gourmet (also in Del Ray in Alexandria)
Kingsbury Chocolates on King Street is amazing
La Cuisine also in Old Town has great stuff like specialty sugar for cookies and tons of cool gear and books

in search of bahn mi, but where?

So last time I was in New York I had an amazing bahn mi at a place between the Dumpling House and Lombardi's. It was a little hole in the wall space, tiny counter, but very good. We had it with some delicious sweet strong coffee. So now I'm thinking about heading back to New York and need to get my hands on another one. But where? I've been searching the boards and am still confused. I need to pick ONE place but one place dosen't seem to stand out above the rest. Below, is what I have so far. Any opinions?

Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches 
150 East Second St. between grand and hester (Ave. A) East Village
212-388-1088 classic bahn mi with paté, ham, ground pork, pickled carrot, cucumbers, cilantro, jalapeno, and mayo on a baguette. SUB: F, V to 2nd Avenue 

Bahn MI So #1 on Broome between Mott and Elizabeth

Saigon Bakery banh mi's pork sandwich spicy on Mott between Grand and Hester

Ba Xuyen on 8th Ave and 42nd St in Sunset Park - grilled chicken bahn mi crispy skin

May 26, 2007
tauer in Manhattan

best creamy desserts, iso creme brulee or others

i was inspired by muffintop's post below who asked about non-creamy desserts. i love arroz con leche and esp. creme brulee (though i still haven't bought one of those awesome torches). any ideas on where to get a really good creamy dessert in nyc? maybe something with fresh berries? or should i just skip creme brulee and go for the creme brulee like lady m crepe cake?

May 26, 2007
tauer in Manhattan

Grand Sichuan. A chain? Locations? Confused!

Is the Grand Sichuan on Canal Street practically on The Manhattan Bridge connected to Grand Sichuan International 745 Ninth Ave. 212-582-2288?

Is it true that there's no english menu? Is there a board to order from?

Any suggestions on ordering? This is what I have so far: strips of double-cooked pork sautéed with salty bean paste, Gui Zhou chicken, sour string beans with minced pork, and red pork

May 25, 2007
tauer in Manhattan

Traditional Uses For Seville Orange Marmalade?

Butterfly- I am living in Madrid right now. Any idea where to pick up some really good marmalade? Also where to get it in Sevilla?

May 20, 2007
tauer in Home Cooking

Madrid - Leganes/Getafe restaurant suggestions

Getafe is pretty terrible. But taking the Cercanias train or the bus from Madrid is not that bad. About 30 min from Atocha. In Getafe I highly reccomend the bocadillo shop off campus. Go past the campus book store, keep walking till you get ouside the campus gate, go up and around the schwarma place (OK) and make a left at 1st available left, then walk till you can make a right. On the little open ugly plaza there is an AMAZING sandwich place. You can make the creation of your dreams. They have everything. It is also staffed by two incredibly nice women. This walk will take you all of 3 min.

May 20, 2007
tauer in Spain/Portugal

Help out a VA farmer! Long list of NOVA to sort through!

Thanks everyone!

Bob W - I am suprised Planet Wayside is closed. I thought I read that it closed and then reopened. That's a shame. Anything else good in Hamilton? I work for a farm that does more DC based markets - Dupont, Mt. Pleasant etc. Way to support all your local markets!

Dennis S - So if you'd go for one americanized mexcian place (Tortilla or Tamale) which one?

Looking for someone's opinion for Indian - Banjara , Minerva or Rangoli?

Thai - Thai Luang or Thai Basil?

Help Me Choose in DC - Ethiopian, Asian and Brunch...

thanks for letting me know Makeda closed. would you go Etete or Dukem? or somewhere else?

anywhere decent near Leesburg Outlets?

I'm interested in the pizza place name.

authentic belgian chocolate near capitol

galler is fabulous if you can find it. not sure if they export.

Help out a VA farmer! Long list of NOVA to sort through!

If you were driving in and out of DC from Loudoun County to farmer’s markets a couple times a week where would you stop for chow? Also looking for easily accessible chow from Purcellville (30 minutes or less) but I have a v. long list. Help me pick the best Mexican, Peruvian, BBQ, Thai and Indian from the list. Only one visit to each cuisine allowed. This is what I have so far:

Tortilla Factory 648 Elden St.
Teocalli Tamale Mike's Mexolina brisket is wonderful, corn salsa. 336 Elden St.
Pollos Inka Peruvian whole chicken, a salad and yucca fries Elden St.
Minerva Indian 2443-G1 Centreville Rd
Sweet Basil Café 2501 McNair Farms Dr./ Centerville RD.
Pho 75 Kmart Center on Elden St.

Lightfoot 11 North King
Tuscie's cafe/bar area at Tuscorora Mill for lunch bread pudding 203 Harrison
Eiffel Tower Café 107 Loudoun Street, S.W.
Giovannis New York Pizza. 520 E Market St (Route 7) in a strip mall
La Chozita Grill 210 Loudoun St SE peruvian chicken the entrance and parking is in back
Mighty Midget great ribs, hamburger with the pulled pork, the pork shoulder
Moms Pies. coconut custard pies 220 Loudoun Street SE

Magnolia's at the Mill 198 North 21st Street

Planet Wayside. funky place, french fries with "mombo" sauce to dip them in. Route 7

Doc's Barbecue at The Aldie Country Store US 15 to US 50, turn right at Gilberts Corner
The Little Apple Pastry Shop sandwiches too 23217 Meeting House Lane
Pantry & Cafe, out Rt. 50 tea and scones

Pacific Cafe on Rt 7 excellent pan asian food.
Los Toltecos Mexican 50 Pidgeon Hill Drive
Cheng's at 20921 Davenport Dr

Saigon Star in Broadlands Pho South of the Greenway on Claiborne Parkway.
Banjara in the Ashburn Farm shopping center Indian.

Thai Basil 4511LeeJackson Memorial Hw # 3 or khao tang na tang green curry fish cakes
Picante -- The Real Taco same plaza
Rawal Kabob same plaza
Minerva excellent Indian food for excellent prices same plaza 14513-B Lee Hwy

Hope to see you all out at the markets this summer!

Help Me Choose in DC - Ethiopian, Asian and Brunch...

I'm living in Madrid right now but I'm gearing up to return to the DC area. My time is very limited. If I can just pick ONE from each category where should I go? Although I am an Alexandria native I have never been to any of these places. Shame Shame. I know.

this is my list:


Queen Makeda for Doro Wat, Yebeg Alicha, Kitfo or whatever they come up with

Etete for ?


Florida Avenue Grill for smothered fried pork chops, spareribs, biscuits, stewed apples, baked stuffed chicken, Half n' Half to drink.

Colorado Kitchen for scrambled eggs, home fries, donuts, roast chicken

Ben's Chili Bowl for the "half smoke."

The Market Lunch Counter at Eastern Market for blueberry pancakes (has this been closed bc of the fire?)

Oohs and Aahs for the turkey chop, lemon pepper wings, shorts ribs of beef

CF Folks for peach cobbler, pistachio rice pudding, corned beef or pastrami


Nam Viet for roast quail, bun cha w. pork, grape leaves, lemongrass pork

Full Kee for oyster casserole, chicken + eggplant casserole, clams w. black bean sauce, dumplings, pile of roast pork, tofu stuffed w. shrimp, duck w. shrimp paste

City Lights for Kung Pao, chicken and garlic eggplant.

Thai X-ing for Salmon Red Curry


Rita's Trinidad for Polori (fritters) w/ tamarind sauce and Jerk Chicken

Chez Auntie Libe for yassa chicken, manioc stew, cassava leaf stew, thiackry

Akosombo for whole croaker in red sauce, black eyed peas, plaintains

Pyramid Moroccan for lamb tangine, spinach, carrot salad, seafood b'stilla, coffee

Thanks to all the posters who I complied this list from! Esp. Steve.