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Best sweet potato fries in TO, particularly uptown...

Fresh @ Queen/Crawford....yummy in the tummy

Kensington Organic Ice Cream

it actually opened last weekend..had the lavender ice cream. Was just mediocre......


Petite dejuener - King St.E/Jarvis....awesome waffles and coleslaw made w/apples
Saving Grace - Dundas/ Bellwoods.....try the espressado (avocado&espresso shake)
Easy - Roncesvalles/King.......banana latte smoothy
Bonjour Brioche
Maggie's on College
Auntie's & Uncles on Lippinscott

Lunch spots @ Weston/Finch???

Work around this area and looking for a good place for lunch??? Open to any types of food, but preferably no greasy spoon stuff. Any suggestions would be appreciated

Queens Quay

Double Dragon on Spadina/Richmond area. Good chinese/thai food. Very fresh and healthy, unlike other chinese places. They use minimal oil in their cooking.....figure friendly. i think they deliver in your area as well..

Eats around Western Hospital

Kim Bo is one of my favourite Vietnamese restaurants downtown. I also second Buddha's Vegetarian.......huge portions for very cheap. Get the buddha's vegetarian noodles, it could probably feed 2-3 people. Also, Kensington Market is 5 minutes from the hospital. There are afew good places to go.....

1. Big Fat Burrito - very tasty
2. MoonBean - good morning/eveing coffee/bakery
3. Jumbo Empanada's
4. Cobb's - bread/pastries

and many more

Brunch @ Musa

Tried brunch at Musa over the weekend. Food was mediocre....but the service was awful...
The workers seem overwhelm, even though it wasn't as busy as other places that i have been to. The waiter barely paid any attention to us during our entire meal. Will probably never go back again.....

T & T shopping report

Mila, do you know when the Cherry St. store is schedule to open. I love T&T, they have some pretty good stuff at the Steeles/Warden store. On the weekends, there is a vegetarian platter that is very good.....

burrito competition

Never tried the others but i had the Yam buritto @BFB and it was very tasty.......

Best place to buy coffee beans? New to this ...

MoonBean in Kensington Market (St.Andrew's) roast their own beans. Their latte's and pastries are quite good.

best eat in Toronto ?

Artisano Bakery & Cafe on Islington - nice atmosphere for lunch offering yummy sandwiches, salads, soups and.......pastries!!

restaurants in etobicoke

I second Artisano Bakery & Cafe. Great atmosphere and decor. Good place for lunch or afternoon tea/pastries.

Wierd or unusual food, dessert and drinks

Saving Grace on Dundas/Bellwoods have this delicious drink....Espressado. Combo of espresso and avocado. If you're a coffee drinker, you'll love the flavors.
Had one on the weekend......yummmm!!!

Toronto - Whole Foods

The Cheese Boutique in Etobicoke has a wide selection of cheeses among other great products. Its some where around the South Kingsway/Queensway area. As mention already, SLM has acouple of great places as well

Juice Bars (GTA)?

Bubble tea is a good suggestion. There is quite afew places in the Hwy 7 area. Not sure what age group you and your date are but be warned that it is probably more of a tweeny offense to anyone.

Sushi for lunch @ Weston/Finch

Thanks for the suggestion pangolin...I will check it out whenever i'm in the area but I work around the Finch/Weston Rd area and would love to have good sushi for lunch...yum!!!

Juice Bars (GTA)?

Richtree (Formerly Marche) @ Front/Yonge has some freshly squeeze juices. You could always get food or desserts (Napolean or ice cream crepe) if you and your date get hungry. It's a nice casual place to bring a first date....May be abit far from where she lives.

Sushi for lunch @ Weston/Finch

Could anyone recommend a good sushi place for lunch around Weston/Finch????


Thanks for all your suggestions.....heard great things about the Brick Bakery. I will eventually try all the suggestions and post my review.



Does anyone know where i can find a good scone in the downtown Tdot area???

Best cheap Toronto eats

"The Market" on Queen & John across from the CityTV building has a chinese take-out that is reasonably priced. It is deep into the building and the food has been fresh everytime i go. Way better quality than Man chu wok. You get a good portion for the price you pay.